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When I think a pitch letter I think an organization trying to talk me the journalist perhaps into doing a article. I just recently wrote a mock pictch letter for a Communication Course. The pitch letter contained information on hit actress Kristen Belle making it into the big hollywood world. The layout of the letter is a pitch to grab te readers attention. You want to launch it to a magazine that fits the purpose of the story and acknowledges the key features. You want to be able to assit the reader with the incorporation of details,and facts but key facts more the less. You want to follow through with the pitch letter by contacting the journalist.

The article "Pitch ideas, not topics." I grabbed this and thought less pin pointing and more ideas on how the journalist can gain information for the story. An how the Public Relations offical or person sending the letter can assist them in conducting a good new story that will allow for good information to be presented to the audience. As a sender you must also acknowledge what the particular newspaper is looking for. The purpose of my story earlier is a prime example, " Kristen Belle is a actress." There for I launched her mock article to Entertainment Weekly journalist. Where they would be able to make better use rather than a sports section of a newspaper.

You have to know why it is important, and be prepared to answer questions before you send it. A pitch letter is fast and a process. You must be prepared with interview, photographs, and additional information when a jounralist if and when he decides to call. Your on there clock!

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