Question in Classs: The President of SHU

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I thought today's question were quite up to par with current Seton Hill issues that have been taking plae on campus. I am excited to see if parking, and housing get taken care of in my nest three years left at SHU. I think our President is very well spoken. She seems blessed to assist with the ell being of us students and expand on our interest and ideas. I had alot of fun today in class in reference to the questions.

What does everyone else think about the event? and the way the questions were answered overall?


Lou Gagliardi said:

When I was at SHU, I found that if I had a problem, I could go to one of two people. If it was a problem in morality, I could go to Sister Lois (her office was--at the time--right near the Presidents) or President Boyle if it was an Administrative problem. When I was on the Setonian, President Boyle and I became fast "friends" in the journalistic sense.

She is a wonderful and well spoken person. She's great her job and I'm glad to see she's continued to have success.

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