Readings 70-72 Obituaries and Funerals

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This reading gave good insight to the thoughts and the important information needed to make the release of one's death important and understanding. I thought the lsit of names noted on page 73 was a good way to show how life was celebrated. Though how many names should you put in reference to one persons death is it all immediate family or all friends. This I am guessing would be conducted in an intereveiw manor. I like how this particular obituarie showed the religious factors, and life goals.

This also referenced my Oral Communications course when I had to write a letter in reference to my death as a overwiew of my dedications and accomplishments. So it gave me a better understanding of the difference.


Angela Palumbo said:

I'm not going to lie, that assignment is pretty messed up. I understand the point of it but that's just so awkward. This is an excellent example of how to write a good and respectful article. I would assume that you would want to only mention the immediate family members, the wife.husband, kids, and the parents (late or still alive). Brothers and sisters maybe but the others are the most important.

Cody Naylor said:

Wendy, I agree with you that this obituary was well-written. It had enough personal details and quotes from loved ones to make me care about the deceased. But, don't you think it would be a tough job to just have to write obituaries all the time? And, you brought up the interview process too... I just think it would be rough to have to interview people while they are grieving.

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