Reflection#7: What a story of view points I got!

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I really like the point that you mentioned in your post. The articles to me seemed a bit all over the place. The articles are two different leads, and two different sets of information. Your post really let me think further into the articles and how important they are in aspects of the environment. The love for the race it like the die of a job. This could be out of the ordinary but your points. Gave me a view that the workers of the recreational parks work so hard to provide programs to save the parks, pollution such as that from car races effect the growth and outcome of Recreational Benefits. Forests and trees provide oxygen so it is important to save them. I agree with story telling each article had a relationship with an action of events or occurrence of outcome that you would tell and talk about.  I think the problems are stated and the resolution is evident as well!

I found these articles really friendly on quotes, and the realtionship to improvement of the topic that the lead had lead on! I think that there is a bind with the articles in theory!


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