Reflection #1: Ducks and Organics

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The facts that I gathered about reading the different readings were quite helpful. Though the peer's posts that I veiwed help me gather a better understanding Richelle Dodaro had a really intersting post about the duck and how her reaction was that she bad for the duck. That ducky article confused me. But I caught on after a while. She stated that she thought it was sad but a good thing that the restaurants and surrounding food markets were taking consideration to what goes into the animal's bodies. Though I over anyalzed it a bit...super bad in our nation. That the fact of the matter is if we ate better maybe we would end up not so wasteful! Overall the article on the profile was good I thought the responses from the person being interviewed in the aspects of the restaurant providing rather a community more so than a line on her platform. She was in relation trying to be good to her customers and set good views. My overall thought on this article was rated good, and Richelle kind gave me something to think more outside the box on, but relate wih my personal views and beliefs with animals and the food industry.

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