Reflection #6: What's a Crime when you don't know the law?

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I think that crime is an ongoing thing in our society. You here about it in more places than one. You here celebertys do this, and homeless people do that. When you think about why does all this information make sense when your hearing about it. I have came to the conclusion after gathereing some information and gaining support from a fellow classmate Matt Henderson that it is "for the greater good". The journalist are recognizing the crime that is being commited but reporting the law in America which has been broken. There are tons of those. There for when people are commenting in the real world about the stories they hear it is because a reporter wrote an article and backed it up with support to give the readers a better understanding of what the crime was.

A crime can be fasinating to a reader so stating a good lead in the begining will grab the readers attention my understanding we should do that with almost all articles. The catch it the grab. You catch the eye you grab the attention. Then your words are dispersed back into the community. So overall my reflection here is that good supporting information and the reference of commited crime "detail" allows for futher understanding. It something should all consider when writing are Crime Report.

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