Reflection #8: Ellipsis

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I like how you tied together your personal experience with the text. I think you are right that we do need to be aware of how we use ellipsis(...). I tend to get cared away with them as well exspecially with quotes that are of directness, and of someting that I need to cut because I only need half of what the person says. I never really thought about the readers when doing such a thing I just assumed it sounded better so I reall got a better understanding by reading your input. I mean what harm could we possilbly do. An I love quotations. I think next time I will consider the effects it has on the audience in the matter of words, and cuts.
I figure that it most likely would call atttention it's a sense of wonder and the confusion that gets the reader thinking on a opposite page of what the journalist is really trying to say. Greta really made me think for my future articles how to minimize my use by understand my own purpuse for doing so in the eyes of the reader.

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