Reflection #9: What a catch!

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The layouts that I searched really grabed myeye I mean for sure I do not tend to pick up a newspaper everyday. I might pick up a Cosmopolitan from time to time. Thouh who on a daily basis really looks at the established wrok that really goes into he tabloids, and newpaper layouts? Not me!

As i looked over my peers different perceptions of the layouts and the collor, and shapes I realized how different each pubblished layout was. The fonts, overall view, angle, and color was different. I mean some people would say sports relie on the sports section but these layouts were all different. After looking at Angela's blog on the whale and the amounts of color it made me look further into the different material that was being published by these tabloids and such. The West Hawii had a remarkabe amout of current issues facing western hawii including death, and endaered animals. on another post such as Chicago they focused on sports and the love for the bears. Seemed like a wide variety, and broader differnece within the two. 

I felt that this layout assignment really gave me a better veiw of how companys lay things out, and what they are trying to target in the audience of viewers/readers!

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