Story Leads The Body!

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The articles that I preveiwed I think that the reporters did want to provide a greater scope to the readers. The articles seemed to hold vital inforamtion on through quoetes and the terms and points the article was trying to get across. I felt that there was a variety of back a forth on what the result and the news were. For example, in the article based on evidence of from the writer the article is supported with past years and present years of work that needs to be taken care of. "The stables have been in need of repair for years, but after funds dried up, they're closed indefinitely." The support of the article lets the readers know the result of such and important organization/recreational park. Those affects will grab the reader also for example, "I wanted to do something relevant for consumer." This showed enthusiasm to readers that Zadig had potential of assisting with the problem and determination to find a resolution. Each article showing potential for a resoultion. Though curoius how newsworthy are articles of the such? Would you as a reader really want a scope of these such articles on a daily basis?


Dianna Griffin said:

I kind of wrote about the same thing in my blog. To answer your question, no I would not want to read these types of articles on a daily basis. Unemployment and the environment are popular subjects in the United States. I feel that we discuss these issues enough already. We don't need to be reading about them everyday in the newspaper. Even if these stories are not always about these two issues, it just seems as though they always attempt to address the "bigger issues," and sometimes those are less important than the little issues.

Richelle Dodaro said:

I think you have some good points here, Wendy. And I like how you ask some questions at the end. Personally, I would like to read more articles like these because they're unusual topics and I like that the journalist actually went to the place where something is going on, but is really affecting much more.

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