Truly Remarkable

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The perception that I saw and gathered in the presentations and overall class discussions was wuite interesting. From the majority stating that they didn't watch the news, and found it biased and un entertaining. I would have to say I agree with them. My presetnation conducted the same information and was in the same respose as my classmates. As I gathered more information I noticed that some lived by the news. It was the one station they had, and others were extremely into it just because thaey found it entertaining to an extent. A legit number of students found that the CNN news braodcast was unworthy and overratted to a point. I also learned something new. The Kane Show. I had never heard of it but after watching a clip of it I found it extremely entertaining and may consider it fcor the future. WE also had the inspirational poems that led to a borader wiew of the news and religion the basis of understanding what actually hapepend on one day somewhere is tragic. An wheather it be a death or jsut a shooting it is effecting the nation.I also found it familiar to recent activity in my hometown that the news is very vague to people that travel over seas, or to other countries. My best friend is from Canada and she goes there a month out of the summer to visit her dad. During that time she has no cellphone and it is like she is cut off to the world. IT was referecne in class by Mike and a trip that he took to Rome where he didn;'t get to gather an current national or local news around the area while he was there for the summer. The only news that he encountered was Micheal Jackson's death. That to me was understandalbe.

I think overall after the presentations that the news that we gather on a day to basis is somewhat  overrated and we all have our own aspect of news, and how we like to learn about it.

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