Use the Crosswalk

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Pennsylvania, Pa-  Security Cheif, Robert Clause, was the officer on the sight when a pedistrian got hit outside of Alumni Hall, September 14, 2009 at Elizabeth Mount College (EMC), at 8:30am.

The driver Mr. Klaushammer was driving a 2004 Ford. The victim was struck 15ft north of the crosswalk near the Ford was turning east as Shawn Peirce was struck. Shawn is a four year undergraduate student at EMC.

The victim was treated at the scence when a ambulence arrived, but refused to be transported to the area hospital.

During the disturbance Klaushammer stated, "A package is missing from my backseat."

The six foot tall predicted male, at 200 pounds excaped on foot past Park Water Avenue; after giving verbile orders by officals to stop.

"Klaushammer was ordered to stay alert while driving around campus, and to keep valubles locked away in his trunk," says Chase.

No charges were reported on file.   


Jeanine O'Neal said:

1. One thing that we are supposed to avoid is "Mr."

2. I really like how you opened your report with the place it took place. I never thought about doing that.

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