What Death Tolls Become in a Bus Plunge.

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Two compare two bus plunges. Is like comparing two deaths in my oppinion. I researched teo different plunges one in Nepal, and number two was India.

Nepal had the number of people involved, the total of how many people were inthe bus before the accident occured, It had what happened during the accident. There were the number of people hospitalized, as well the fact that three police officers were injured in a "scuffle."

In comparison to the India bus plunge the accident happend in a fast flowing river, out of 36 bodies only 20 were recovered . The other 11 were suggested missing from the strong cureent. An only four people survived.

Thought the articele didnt really focu on certain things and both were quite short. The articles both had accidents that were in differnt places. All the articels that I researched as well as these two had survivors and those numbers were quoted. The articels were intersting wit hthe titles. "At least 20 die as bus plunges into gorge in India", "Nepal bus plunge death toll hits 20; 11 missing." These titles grabbed my attention they had at least one word that made the article worth reading.

Though in the Nepal article it referenced how the accident occured. In the India articel it did not it veered off more on the angry family memebers that were throwing rocks at the police involving more injured people than just in the bus plunge itself. 


Derek Tickle said:

I think that the stories have a similar aspect when talking about tradegy, but since they are so short, they really can't include much more information. The titles are flashy, but the info is straight to the point.

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