"What's your eyes catching today?"

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West Hawaii Today:
When looking at this cover page it really grabed my attention eith the whale and the large font. To say the least the big whale doing a back flip per say was genious. I am up to par with global warming and the different endangered animals that are out there. I recently completed a interview with a individual about the endangered polar bears held at the Pittsburgh Zoo.
I think that there cover page really set a focus for the different events taken place. Such as 'onday' LEAVES MORE THAN 100 DEAD, MISSING. An they still seem to throw in some viking sports news. The importance of news I think is really good information and important. With there catch titles and Large font. I would definately grab a newspaper. Though my idea in mind is that they have such big neews on the front. It may defeat the purpose of the overall inside of the paper. What do you think?

Chicago Tribune:
When viewing this article I was able to gain more information on ways to set up a layout and the differnt aspects of inprotance. The West Hawii today focused on disater and current issues. The Chicago Tribune and there love for sports focused on the Chicago Bears. The Font was a bit smaller but the picturs were large and had "lots of color". There Chicago Bears are local so it is a local event but I would consider it more of a sports section news. An less important fot the cover page. Though in the partiucalar paper that might be fantasitic news to them. There was also advertising in the lower right corner which is not shown in the West Hawii Today!

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