Why report such a "crime"?

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Well you could pounder the reasons of why you must consider the crime report as important scenario, or you can get down to the facts about why report any crime?

The tips from the The News Manual gave me goo information of what to look for, and how to become more prepared for a crime report and get the reader intereseted:

Follow Reader Guidelines!

1. why crimes happen?

2. Readers want to know what laws were broken.

3. unusual events

4. fascinating to read about.

I found the news value, and seriousness to be benefical as well because when writing to a target audience you want the value of the article to be you might not want t have t much orto less news value. The seriousness factor I found benefical becuase it is the visual that will make a story. If the scence results in death thatis more important than the robbery and the amount stolen.

I think that the article gave good tips on how to distiguish different types of crime as well.  An there are many different establishments. In writing you would make sure you had the wirte combination.


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