Call me Collective or Unpredictable

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"A short article that represents the offical collective position of the editorial board of a newspaper. More generally, an ediorial is a special genere of journalism that aims to inform, persuade, and/or entertain."

I learned this defenition to be a Editorial. Reading the backgorund and reflection of peers made me think! Does my writing on a regular basis carry a lot of editorial based information, and for me it doesn't I tend to be more of a columnist. But I did become interested in the aspects of an Editorial and how the lead is "an unsigned essay" It represents oppinion. On the focus of this is to get an oppinion and discusson of points of view going. I mean a column perhaps is more on te guidelines of a regular scdueled article. The editorial not so much! I found it interesting the comments and terms of regualtion for reporters as well. "Individual reporters shouldn't slant their stories to reflect or rebut editorial oppinions."

I wonder the cnsequence if such a thing happened. I mean following regualtion is predicatable. I mean you could very well have an unpredictable reporter though.

The websites linked below are a few editorials I found. The "Polie chase gone bad" seemed to catch my eye as in what is a police chase and a oppinion. Or where is my confusion? The article seems interesing but labeled an editorial is filled with facts.

Bad Editorial



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