Over a series of days what a collapse of information can bring.

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October 6, 2009- Present (Note there are still articles coming in about the results of these bridge repairs)

Route 90 Bridge to Collapse

This article picked from my hometown was a breaking news article in the October 6,2009 WJZ report it was local news as you can tell with its three paragragh's of information talking about the the bridge and the fear that it might collapse if a deteriorated 85-foot section isn't replaced. The articles states the slap of weight restriction and breaking news that it was to locals. Because many people use the ridge from west ocean city to get in to the north and south side over the water. The presure of passing weight to get to work on time is a fear for some. This detour leads to the Route 50 bridge it is noted. The breaking news story in news.google.com has 24 articles in regards to the bridge in a span from Monday to Today. The most recent post was by the Baltimore Sun with information from the State of Maryland Administratior.

In a recent article the residents of the Ocean City area are concerened with back-ups and such. Reported by Lacee Griffith. www.wboc.com "Residents not looking forward to Route 90 Bridge Closure."

Bridge Route 90

October 5, 2009- Present (Still looking for more information investigators are.)

19- year-old shooting ended with death of 24-year-old 

Latest Article that I have been covering is the deadly shooting in Salisbury, Md my hometown basically WicomicCounty right outside of Ocean City. Where at a home on Hammond Street , but their investigation was continuing as of monday. The report posted on Wed. was a folllow up from the report on Monday wheb the action of the shooting with no suspect was reported. In the link above is to the arrest of a man in connection with the shooting. It seemed like breaking news to me at  the time because it gave vague description, and spoke of no suspect, So with a death there is normally a follow up of arrest. On Monday the articles that were reported as just a 24 yearold being killed. Now when we get to October 7, 2009. Salisbury man is charged with Hammond Street homicide.

The name released over time was Derrien Brett Douglas and was arrested on a warrant close to 6, p.m. Tuesday .

Though the other articles didn't post further information on who was being arrested.



I was first going to pick autism and the research that dealt with it, but it ended up not being breaking news after all. I liked researching these articles it kind of gave me some insight as to what was going on in my home time, and how serious breaking news could be.



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