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I really enjoy tattending this class. I like to write and things keep coming to mind when I want to just sit down and write. I think that the lead of the second semester is go hard, lead strong, finish strong. It's jst something that I must remeber if I want success in this semester. I am anxiious to write future articles. I think that my blogging thus far haas improved tremendousley from the begining when I started!

The Collection:

Allegedly Gone Bad!- was a post I made to an in class topic, and waw an article that I found interesting that could be biased, but was on the same page with newswriting.

Cut Me Off Of Else!- this blog post was in reference to the benefits of cutting stuff out,and the benfits of less informtaion and keeping the important stuff.

Why Report Such a "crime?"- the crimes that were listed here made me think of the guidelines when typingmy own crime report, and the overall main points to understand.

Story leads the Body This is where I asked questions to classmates and gathered more knowledge in reference to them ansering questions it was a form of interaction rather than just reading my post. I wanted to gather feedback.

euphemism_and_quotes I love quotes. this read was fun and I really felt like I understood the material. It lead to a indepth discussion.

Whats your eyes catching today? This post was running late becuse we had internet issues with the server for blog.setonhill.edu I also thought that the overall view of the different layouts that I got to see was alot of fun.

Depth: These links listed below allowed me to

Allegedly Gone Bad


Interaction and Discussions:This links below are in reference to one or more comments on that particular post that I posted. They all have some sort of commenting.

Story Leads the Body.

Euphemism and Quotes

Questions in Class: The President of SHU

I cOmmented here:

Josie Rush

Jennifer Prex

Richelle Dodaro

Greta Carrol

Greta Carrol


Timeliness: I beleive if I am correct we had shorter blog lists to complete this time. The blog that blogs that I did post were all before class. I beleive the layout post was a computer error. Though other than that I posted everything on time, and got feedback from many.

Allegedly Gone Bad!

Cut Me Off Of Else!

Why Report Such a "crime?"

Story leads the Body


Whats your eyes catching today?

Xenoblogging:All the names listed below are the links to the individuals blog in which I blogged on. It may have been more than once. These individuals also helped me in the process of gathering a better understanding of the materials, and also the friedly comments that I got in return were helpful.

Josie Rush

Jennifer Prex

Richelle Dodaro

Greta Carrol

Greta Carrol


Wildcard: These are all my reflections. Some of them are short, and long. I thought you might be interested in reading a few so I listed them.

Questions in Class: The President of SHU

Reflection #1

Reflection #2

Reflection #3

Reflection #4

Reflection #5

Reflection #6

Reflection #7

Reflection #8

Reflection #9

I hope this has giving you a brief overview of my blogging hisotry over the past few months. An thanks guys for the comments, and feedback! :)




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