Reflection #10: What I did..How I fixed it.

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After completeing the readings I realized that recently I had made a error in one of my recent post. The recent post was in regards to the speaker that came to talk to us the President. I had talked to Dr. Jerz on how to fix it. I mean yes the readings talked in reagards to newpapers and te such. But I think it is important to transition all of my writing and make sure it is being completed with accurate information.

The mistake I made was when I got the higer ups confused with Dr. Boyle and the President and the such. Commenting on someone that was not acctualy speaking was the case. I figured oh well. Though when I talked to Dr. Jerz he said that I should change it. Though I had already had people commenting on it in reference to what a great person the indivdual was. I had to make it right, So I made my corrections. The person commenting could have figured it out why I changed it. Though could have been dissappointed at the same time.

The reading made me think of one of my own mistakes, An how big or littte accuracy is key.

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