Unsparing- Documenting concerns / Where does it end?

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Throughout the reading I was caught by the numerous documentation from other published news material, and the reference of what is improtant, and what jounralist convey.

Journalist convey, "We are better than you" type roles that lead to broader reseach by the community of people not reporting on such a topic. Therefore resulting in a high amount of issues and interferance with published copies, and the corrections needed. (Pg.2)

I enjoyed reading about he documents and the way the "Free Press" signifys our rights and the amount of contitutional protection certain documents have more so than others. It also after reference this I spotted emphasis on the newspapers and how they can be biasd or unfair when it comes to the facts, an the layed out information.

Overall I think that the published information in this text is great documentation for all journalist. I mean the understanding from the Tribune is that documentation and accuracy are key, For example, tribune editiors required to read word for word... to make the effort of correction percise, and demanding. Though in the end well worth it with well rounded accurate published information.

I think that the feed back that we convey during editing allows us to expand our writing as a whole,.I've experienced issies in my blog post, papers, and the such quite a few times. It is about acknowledging them, and seeking into fix them.

I think fundamentals are key.



Dianna Griffin said:

Wendy, you're right. Fundamentals are key and editing is extremely important. Sometimes, however, editors can even make mistakes. As much as you proofread your work, there will almost always be a mistake.

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