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The highlight of the upcoming holiday season or any occasion is the advertisements and the products that grab the attention of the target audience. In recent years the Ipod ad's the, IPhones the labtops, and the boots with the fur (UGGS) are the hit targets on many youg individual's list, but what would we consider the hit this year? What are your opppinions do you think with the 2009 season coming to an end that there any hot gadgets on your list? Well to assist you in this on goling process consider advertisements, and the viewpoints that these recent articles have given me from the current websites we have had to view.Such as this one!

You must promise no to get mad though:

Review: Art & Copy Profiles Mad Men, Women of Advertising's Rise

"In these scenes, we see how preciously ad agencies treat their creative types. They are given free reign to be the confused, self-conscious and driven people they need to be in order to remain successful and productive in a line of work where the only constant is rejection. Creativity wasn't always treated as a precious commodity. Art & Copy shows that, until the 1960s, ads were relatively dull and flavorless."

"The aspects and understanding of how ad's are done with creativity and how we view them really grabbed my attention an how they link the whole world to a new trend."

Would you agree? 

People in the modern day society can be really bought by the significance of an ad. It is the power and push that get's them to the store's. Kind of ike the power and push a reporter has on the publicity their very own article get's when put out in the front page of the New York Times. I mean in America we live for the creativity, of Budweiser my Uncle in Maryland is the advertising Manager for Budweiser it is for one of the branchs it is quite a significant role to play as a person to grab the eye of million's with such little design, and custom. You have to be the best in the window showcase with a hit killer design for anyone to even consider your product.

I mean if you look at advertising in depth as when you were a kid until now. Think! Take a second and look back and see if you remember that push pop that you saw as you were leaving the store. You saw that it was candy, but the image was that it was a push up lolli- pop it was like a toy with significance. As an adult or grown up individual you seek better more joyful things. You are more draewn to the tabloids, and the cigareete addictions that grab your mind, body, and soul. Where as note... a little kid it was just a push up lolli-pop that grabbed your attention with its significance. I mean sure you can establish the overall understanding of an advertisment these day's but can you refrain from buying, or cosuming the advertised product. Try it sometime. Like if your looking at a dinner menu and there is no picture can you really order that plate full, or must you reconsider and go for the pictured item that is noted as there best?

The overall meaning of what I grabbed from this artilce on advertising is that since the 1960's advertising has become a big role of the modern day socierty it is away of life. It has provided many creative jobs in the design field, and much more. In essence though what has it done to our morals, and view the featured model in a add it the attention grabber to the young girls eye. With a response I want to look like that when I grow up. It might be a wish but in the end with that girl get that image? Art & Copy is a significance in New York City, CAlifornia, and major cities across the nation. What are you stories, and views on advertisements, and what impact have they made in your life in the recent years?

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