Can you keep a secret?

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"Investigative reporting is to journalism what theoretical research is to science, having the potential to present new realities and shatter old paradigms - how people see and understand the world around them - which, in turn, can transform politics," say Robert Perry.

I agree with him I think that in America under the aspects of journalism that investigative reporting is important. Some times it takes a secret to crack the ice into something big.

As apart of an investigation, journalist  make use of the following that they use to make the accuracy of there investigation target there readers:


  • surveillance technology
  • anyalsis documents
  • investigation of technical issues, including scrutiny of equipment and its performance
  • research into social and legal issues
  • studying sources, archives, phon cards, address books, etc.
  • talking o people
  • getting people to talk
  • stategic planning
  • going undercover

All of these things playing some sort of role in the investigative direction of the news article that one would seek to publish. In researching I found all of these things helping in our news writing class a of course aspects we could all jump on as students for our articles in the making.

Also, while thinking about investigative stories a recent movie that I preveiwed on life time came to mind. The movie was a bout a women that had commited fraud and got away with it until the women decided to go after a investigative reporters best friend of whom was a guy. The investigative reporter had a secret crush on this guy therefore was not about to let a suspicious women make a fool of her and definately not allow the guy (best friend) get taking advantage of. Therefore the investigtive reporter in the movie began t crack down on te suspiciousness of the women, and found that she had commiteda fraud, and was getting away with murder of her victims by stealing money, and identitys by marrying her victims. The women died at the end by the end she had assualted a police officer and nearly killed the investigative reporter. This brought to edge in my mind the danger that going under cover in relation to crime reports and such obstacles could be brought about.

I know this story may seem irrelevant but life time movies are known to be true stories, and this one was. So it seemed to fit with our class topic.

Some furter research and the aspects of technique with investigative reporting after reading the breif summary online also got me thinking about books that people have written in regards to technique and the the study of investigative reporting, A book by David Sparks came about.

Spark's from my understanding in his book Investigative reporting: a study in technique; discusses the question what is investigatvie reporting and the fine lines of what you can do for accuracy in gathering information as an investigator. I recommend that anyone reference it in regards to learning more about news writing.

Some key points I got from the book were:

fighting readers battles on invetigative reports

what you might consider in an investgative report

qualities required

paths to a good investigation

how to get people to talk

insight to good development of techniques

All of these points I thought would be helpful in process of our own investigative reports.

I think overall the investigation of first time investigation can be tricky. While looking up the history of investigative reports and current news on investigation I found the link below. Is just some examples of the government and the ways that certain things can be investigated.

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Storys wih some Ivestigation on going


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