Daily Scope at it's Best Perhaps

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I really liekd the vibe  got from the page when I first referenced it. I mean some papers just are annoying that there is no bounce of life to the front page and such. I enjoyed the grapohics from the start with the frsh news that was in effect to date, and the round about edge the site gave.

Also, the fact the the pictures went with the articles was a plus. The facts of the budget cuts, and city council reviews supplies. These are good front page topics I thought that relly allowed the audience to gt involved with updated news, that was eiteher on going, or important to the students and community. I really think the hedline for the Board shines light on University finances was a good catch.

Overall, exploring the site I saw advertisments throughout. I thought that the layout was like a timeline of articles broken up in to legit categories. The factor that portrayed that was the Weekly series, the Life Section, and leeter from the editor.

Also, I referenced the print addition of the paper which they had PDF access available to students and the community on the site. For those that I guess would rather look at the paper in a more colorful scence it seems that was what was different the layout was a biit different thougjh on the print additions the first thing online was the first thing demonstrated in the print addition in reference to the budget.


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