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My attention was really grabbed by the headlines and like a few other people were the pictures prresented in the very begiining and how they portrayed the series of hot topic articles.

Some of the headlines referenced lecture and such on the campus, also referenced governement activity. Some of the headlines referenced topics such as:

"House Speaker -building consensus for legislation"

"Baylor low professor delivered a library of critisism against the ammerican approach to prosecuting cocaine related charges before an audience of students at Harvad."

All focusing on governent related topics.

The photography om the cite was attractive to my eye i nthe area of the arts. There seemed to be a wide varitety of art information, and updated info with photographs that portray and descirbe what is taking place in the photo. Whould you agree?

The whole time I was reading these articles I was thinking of Legally Blonde, and how the saying goes, "Elle? Yes Warrner? What are you doing here? I go here? You go to Harvard? Yes Warner like its hard... Law School." I basically was thinking the advantages of a high ranked Univeristy with such high standards but there reflection of information seemed vague. I think that they could spark there news up a bit, and even lean a bit more of there focus to the layout.


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