Life of New York in 1, 2, and 3

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The news in general has never been my hot spot. I mean sure I hear the drama, the action, the politics from all angles. I even see on hit TV shows the the news stands the public eye in view, the importance to Queen B and the not so importance to the avreage individual. The power that circles certain things, and certain people has what I have grown up to attempt to understand. Why must one target that news broadcast over another. Why is that video more improtant as a visual than just a descriptive article? It depends on te occasion, the geographic's, the popularity. The class, the diverity in the article. Everything comes together to make what we call our New York Times, our US Today, and the many others that surround our community's our eye's our educational understanding.

After viewing the website for the New York Times the first thing that poped in to mind was the hit show Gossip Girl. It is the highlight of te WB on Monday nights and a certain favorite to most. It is a new version of what the hit show The O.C. In my recent view of the second season they referenced the New York Times and the ability it takes for a writer to land a job with big newspaper distribuition such as them. The ability it takes to write about something that might not always be your common interest. Overall, this grabbed my attention as a growing professional in the journalism/ communication field and the industries that are prospering in shows, and movies. It was interesting to take a personal experience into acknowledgement while searching the newyorktimes website and how it related to class, and the videos, and visual slides that were up to date and bein viewed by all.

I viewe slideshows from the Tokyo Motor Show, and the Mary J. Blige, a native from the Bronx and how she got te night going by singing the national anthem for the new york game. Old news it could be but if you looked under the search section on the website it took you to many slides that allowed you to gather knowledge of certain things the New York Times covered, The footage on certain things really grabbed my attention and how well it was published so viewers could really feel apart of the expereince that they may have missed or jsut wanted to understand. There was also a series of videos that were on the front page of te New York Times which was in a span of 4 categories Style, Science, Music, and U.S. Back to my previous notes on writers not always getting what they want to report on it seemd the that more recent and important information on the website went to those reporters that had footage that could be explained, and wnated information by the audience of viewers.

Note: Under the U.S. video link that you could watch it had the acused 9/11 suspects to face federal trial and an update on the Obama administration and there plan as to what to do with the criminals. New York reported on the terroist and the referenced 5 men to be charged to possibly seek the death penalty.

I also found it reall funny and eye grabbing the photograph of the Chicken and the vegitarian thanksgiving. it seemed to be acknowledging more target audiences more than just those of us that east chicken and meat on Turkey Day. I think that views that I  completed throughout the website really gave a broad understanding to me and possibly others the wide range that a news paper can take on. Making it possible for all readers to have a benefit of reading, or even those not into reading haveing a visual advantage to the New York Times.



Andrew Wichrowski said:

You said in your first paragraph that you aren't much of a fan of the news. Do you feel that the increasing amount of videos and slide-shows on news websites such as The New York Times will change your view of the news?

WendyScott Author Profile Page said:

In a way possibly but its hard to say. I am more of a visual person so seeing the news in pictures, and topics from events that I have watched defitnately get me more pumped about the news, and what I believe is accurate. I guess it could just make me more judgemental, but considering that I am into the video thing rather than reading a 800 word article definately getds my attention. So to answer your question I would have to say yes it would because it would give me more to go on overall in the end.

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