Portfolio #3: My desire to transition

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Newswriting can seem like icing on cake to some, and like a total headache to others. You never know when you might require a nap or just a bottle of advil when thinking about what to write for a short new article that you must post. I have came to the conclusion that I have to be in my bubble while writing. It is like a flow of enthusiasm and a breeze of fresh air that comes to mind when you are writing an article that is coming to you so softly and requiring minimum thought.

I have yet to seek that icing on cake, or breeze of fresh air. My desire to transition though has been something I strive for throughout the semester. I try to look on the positive side and say it could be worse, and its just an article but I guess I just over look it. I see newswriting as a desire and open door to my future that I hope to acheive, but it is definatley a chanllenge that I am working at for sure. I am glad that I have taking this course. I feel that it has opened me to a new kind of writing, that I have never been introduced to so well. I use to write volleyball articles for my high school paper. In my oppionion that paper was not the best considering it was a conflict of interest that I even write the articles. Though in short staff circumstances you do what you got to do.

In the field of news writing I hope by the end of this semster to look back and realize that I have learned a great amount of AP style that will allow me to write further articles in the future that corrspond with what I have learned in the class. I think that my abilitys as a news writer are there if I work at it. Though I am not shy to say this class is one of the hardest I have experienced thus far in college, there for my desire to transition has become a major goal throughout the semester. Of course there is always improvement some where.

I feel that all of my other previous portfolios have shown a wide variety of excellence considering that this part of the semester there was not an overload ob blogging I feel as if maybe I slacked a bit, but not really considering I completed all the assignments.

Coverage and Timeliness: I completed all assigned blogs and posted them all on or before the time that they were due. This is one of the blogs that did not fit in any other category that I added here in this section.

October 13, 2009 - Call me Collective or Unpredictable

Depth: This is the blog in which I feel got the most attention, and that I put the most effort into. Overall, I take time on each blog, but some just come out longer than others.

Interaction: These are some of my classmates' blogs that got me thinking and resulted in me commenting on them. This was a hard section although I commented on multiple classmates blogs, I losted my flash drive where all my saved comments were on a word document. Except a select few. This is still an ongoing section I paln to retrieve all my post.  

  • Derek Tickle-

    Derek I think that you point out some good points, and relate them to good assumptions that you have. I relate with you because in previous experience I have ran into situations where I believe that reporters should react to the situation accordingly but it is hard to say sometimes. Attitudes I think play a big part in reporting because I for sure wouldn't want to talk to some stuck up person that is just trying to get into my life for the benefit of there job. I'd ignore. That's just me but in the end you have to relate what would you do in their shoes, I think I would have a hard time being a reporter, your questions really made me think what I would do if I were in there shoes perhaps.

  • JenniferPrex-      I really enjoyed your post. It really reflected and set up a sense of mind. The example you give of open mindedness, and the carrerr path is a strong point that I beleive should be focused on in the writing field. I mean I agree evryone makes mistakes but fixing them to show accuracy is a a path that should be lead and followed.
    I agree with Derek's comment as well with the fact that the news articles are typically like a paper in reference keeping oppinions to yourself. I tend to state my oppinion its a political thing I guess or whatever you want to call it. Though I believe Derek had a good point. The points you make are great.

  • AngelaPalumbo- Greta your right it could be quite difficult to get someone to let you publish there name. Though couldn't you say a member of blank organization, or something? Without stating there name I think Greta is right its just a descriptive part of source identifying, or maybe researching further surrounding people to interview that may take credit on a answer to your topic. Good post this is when news writing can get tricky even though we try to avoid.                                                                                          

  • Discussion- These are some of my blogs which sparked discussion.

October 20, 2009 - Unsparing- Documenting concerns / Where does it end?

October 25, 2009-  Brown-bag lunches include more than just any peant butter and jelly sandwich:)

Wildcard: I selected one wild card. 

October 25, 2009- Brown-bag lunches include more than just any peant butter and jelly sandwich:)

I picked this as a wildcard because of the description and time I put into the material nad thought before blogging. One of the few that I actually took time to discuss my point. I got some good feedback as well.

Reflections: These are blog entries I wrote before class for class participation.  They are based on my classmates' blog entries and soome personal experiences.  I expand on what I have learned from their blogs and what I now understand better thanks to them. An from what I ahve learned in class and applied to my blog post. 

October 21, 2009 - Reflection #10: What I did..How I fixed it.

October 25, 2009 - Reflection #11: Personal 

November 3, 2009 - Reflection #12: Connectedness to Trauma

Previous Portfolios:

El 227- Portfolio 2: Consider

EL 227- "Light..Camera..Action.." in my Blog History? 

I feel that my understandings of newswriting looking back on my blogging history have expanded my ideas are flowing more rapidly and I feel as if the articles to come could very well be more accomplished than in the past weeks!!!!! :)


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