Reflection #13: Ivestigation on Blogging

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Could I be wrong? Maybe.

I reserached many differnent perspectives to anyalze the overall assumption of the news and how it played a role in minorities, and investgative articles. I did my reseach for a more personal understanding and perspective on the topics. I think that after conducting my research I have been able to gain better knowledge and also have been able to relate to the minorites that aren't also shown in news, and how that it is important that in a wide spectrum we include everyone. I beleive that the topics in this blogging occasion were very interesting and were helpful getting a better understanding on upcoming articles and the blogging of my peers also heloped me gather a better understanding in different perspectives.

Furthermore, in reference to my classmates perspectives I really releted with Richelle and how her post was in reference to a movie, mine was as well. It really got me thinking about how we learn from movies and acknowledge later from what we learned. I think also that grettas perspective on the newsworthyness of the articel we might be writing due to the fact of sources, and lack there of. So it was really good assistance reading htese post from my classmates and gathereing there perspectives, that alllowed me to think throught my blog, and make it lenghty enough for conversation in hopes.



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