Reflection #14: Give Me a Picture I will write the Novel

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After viewing the website for the New York Times the first thing that poped in to mind was the hit show Gossip Girl. It is the highlight of te WB on Monday nights and a certain favorite to most. It is a new version of what the hit show The O.C. In my recent view of the second season they referenced the New York Times and the ability it takes for a writer to land a job with big newspaper distribuition such as them. The ability it takes to write about something that might not always be your common interest. Overall, this grabbed my attention as a growing professional in the journalism/ communication field and the industries that are prospering in shows, and movies. It was interesting to take a personal experience into acknowledgement while searching the newyorktimes website and how it related to class, and the videos, and visual slides that were up to date and bein viewed by all.

A reflection on a more personal aspect always comes to mind when I am blogging so that is what I reflect on. Although personal exeriences are legit the round circle of the pie when you cut a slice out is the feedback you get from your peers when they ask you a question about what you blogged on.


andrew says, "You said in your first paragraph that you aren't much of a fan of the news. Do you feel that the increasing amount of videos and slide-shows on news websites such as The New York Times will change your view of the news?"

I responded, "In a way possibly but its hard to say. I am more of a visual person so seeing the news in pictures, and topics from events that I have watched defitnately get me more pumped about the news, and what I believe is accurate. I guess it could just make me more judgemental, but considering that I am into the video thing rather than reading a 800 word article definately getds my attention. So to answer your question I would have to say yes it would because it would give me more to go on overall in the end."

I guess that makes my overall reflection the point of view in which I seek the visual trend of news within newspapers to be, and how it affects me at the end of the day. He realyl made me think when he asked that question. Because I was being honest when I said I don't take much time out of my day for the news/ newspaper. Though I am a more visual learner so picures, and effects do me well.


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