Reflection #15: Fair to Unfair

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The investigative articles that are currently in progress brought to mind what about the material we research and the fairness of the  material to what we are trying to address in our material, such as is the author of an article you are gathering information from fair to the contents it is providing. It is hard to tell though it is some what like what we talked about recently in class and links and how they are newsworthy, biased, spam, and unneeded feedback possibly. That would be my reflection to the readings and the fairness and quality of material we read and gather information from how fair is it? It also makes me want to be more fair in my own writings to make in beneficial to my reader's and so forth. 

Derek Tickle also referenced fairness in his post whcih sparked my reading and bloggin into this subject here is the link to his article and my comment.

Derek Tickle- November 17, 2009

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