Reflection #17: Blinded by the Light

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Newspapers in my oppinion are sometimes blinded by the light of fame. I recently gained from reading Gretta and Matt's blog post that the aspects of tv and radio can sometimes jepordize the importance that a nes article might be trying to establish jsut as much as any of the other things are trying to publiish. The understanding that I got after reading was fabulous becuase the First Amendment I know but have  I really ever thought about it? Perhaps jst over looked it? That would be me. I mean I try to establish the unbiased and fairess in my articles but it might not always work. I gained a different perspective on the news articles and the relationship it shares with the press and the dividing line of what is fair, unfair. and just crossing the line. Im mean it seems that newspapers make an effort so I feel they diserve the light just as much as anyother distributer of news but you have to make the information provided worth the fame.


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