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Newspapers are unfair: They pry on the weak

After reading the beginging of the pages I would have to say I disagree with the newspaper when they publish photograhy of drews who "catch" private citizens in moments of grief and shock. I personally wouldn't want to be published on such moments in dispair. I think that is is unfair totally. What do you think?

The public feeds off of what they want. In the readings it mentions how " The public feels strongly that children deserve special treatment from the press." I agree and disagree with this statement. I really feel that the readings has a good description on the pro's and con's for the reporters, and publics view points.

Newspapers are unfair when: They concentrate on bad news

Why isn't there "good:" or "positive" news in the paper?

Maybe because of unfair coverage. Maybe because of scandals. Who knows. The fact is that newspaper organizations try to do the part in publishing a unfair comment of newsworthiness "good" and "bad". I really liked the fact that newspapers simply do a better job of explaining to the public what theu do and why they do it." I think it posted the importance of newsworthiness and relatonship with the public.




Dianna Griffin said:

Wendy, I think that there is "good" or "positive" news in the papers. I have seen many things that could be considered positive. How do you describe the winning score of a local football game? Tragedies can also turn around into something good in the paper. Isn't it positive when there is a deadly wreck on the highway, yet no one is harmed? News doesn't always have to be positive, but yes it does have to be fair.

WendyScott Author Profile Page said:

I agree the more fair the news is the better, You gave me some intersting points though to think about. Thanks for your feedback.

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