What a Waste

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"Following Seton Hill University and where our recycable's don't go caome to mind. Thoughts are powerful but even more powerful when put to action."

Moving on, in the recent Beyond the board visual's I seeked out both the garabage, and the recycables. Though I thought what did all of this have to do with newswriting class? The visual publicity, and th how easy it was for each side of garbage, to trash to be picked up was interesting. An to thinkj that as a country we recycle 50% less than what we should per year.

What if one day we ran out of landfill space? Should effots should be proggressed more than ever now than other times in history? In regards to news wrtiting should more computer savvy inventions be looked apon to  allow more of a green commitement? What are your oppinions?


Derek T said:

It is amazing how the facts about recycling are so disappointing. A culture of our size should take the extra minute to recycle materials instead of throwing them away. I hate the idea of putting garbage outside and knowing that the garbage man is taking it to a landfill. Would people recycle if it was a law? I bet they would because they were being forced to do so. Good entry!

WendyScott Author Profile Page said:

Thanks. I agree if it were a law they would to. Although in a recent encounter with a resident I noticed her throwing away a stack of paper and she was like I dn't know what else to do their is no recycle bin. Which indeed was true i mean it is the effort but the avalability as well. So I think that the governemnt shoul make it a law, and recycle more, and pay less on trash pick up , and more on recycle pick up. It will be interesting to watch in the upcoming generations and so on.

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