What is fairness to you?

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Newspapers are unfair when: They can't admit that sometimes their is no story

Why breath on a final decision if deep down you know it is not the fairytale ending you hoped for in your news article...

The scene of a movie has now become the hit attraction (note: in my oppinion) to the news articles which are blocked of the details and consumed with assumption. I mean if you think about it to me it is sort of like your judgement and assumption of what a movie is going ot be about. Even how we pick one movie over another at the movie store.

In reflection, these assumptions make it the hardest thing to do which is to persuade a reporter that there simply is no big story here. Making it sometimes utterly impossible becuase reporters are already convinced under their own investigative reporting that their is a story no matter if they are right or wrong.

In relation to the above statements a recent movie that I watched titled Prom Night was a prime example to me of reporting under investigation and crimanal assumptions that are being reported on the news to the community in that particular movie. A prime example of news that could be published in our individual communitys. In one scene the police are in talk mode when they say the reporters are getting anttssyy its kind of like what do we tell them with the investgation still under way? It kind of leads  to the wquestion do we lead them to the story line that "there is no story false alarm" jsut to save the death of teenagers on their prom night being published on the TV screen to family members that have not received notice. It is a horror in itself just thinking about it.

Overall, while reading the article in the [Best Practices to Address the Problem] it is ntoted that reporters should work on developing "fairness skills" This responsibility to take the lead falls to the editors. They should talk about fairness often, both in organized staf meetings and informal conversations with staff members. The fairness of skills is important because the skills portrayed in reporting and investigation in relation to class should be carried through when writing the article. All dimensions and points investigated should be carried  through no matter a reporters assumption.

Fairness=free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice: a fair decision; a fair judge. 

When I looked over the meaing of fairness it was interesting to find the term biased and how being fair leads to unbiased material when in the news field we should attempt to be unbiased and fair as we progress perhaps. Which in my oppinion is the hardest thing in a news distribution to conquer if you know what I mean? You can be fair by being biased but it is a lack there of if you are to biased becaucse then you are not being fair. The benefits in the long run of being fair is the way we look at our writings that are addressed for class and how we write to our target audience which could lead to progress in our very own writings.

What are your oppinions on fairness in the news field, and what are some points that think could lead to better actions of fairness portrayed in published news throughout the media? 


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