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Reflection #9: What a catch!

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The layouts that I searched really grabed myeye I mean for sure I do not tend to pick up a newspaper everyday. I might pick up a Cosmopolitan from time to time. Thouh who on a daily basis really looks at the established wrok that really goes into he tabloids, and newpaper layouts? Not me!

As i looked over my peers different perceptions of the layouts and the collor, and shapes I realized how different each pubblished layout was. The fonts, overall view, angle, and color was different. I mean some people would say sports relie on the sports section but these layouts were all different. After looking at Angela's blog on the whale and the amounts of color it made me look further into the different material that was being published by these tabloids and such. The West Hawii had a remarkabe amout of current issues facing western hawii including death, and endaered animals. on another post such as Chicago they focused on sports and the love for the bears. Seemed like a wide variety, and broader differnece within the two. 

I felt that this layout assignment really gave me a better veiw of how companys lay things out, and what they are trying to target in the audience of viewers/readers!

"What's your eyes catching today?"

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West Hawaii Today:
When looking at this cover page it really grabed my attention eith the whale and the large font. To say the least the big whale doing a back flip per say was genious. I am up to par with global warming and the different endangered animals that are out there. I recently completed a interview with a individual about the endangered polar bears held at the Pittsburgh Zoo.
I think that there cover page really set a focus for the different events taken place. Such as 'onday' LEAVES MORE THAN 100 DEAD, MISSING. An they still seem to throw in some viking sports news. The importance of news I think is really good information and important. With there catch titles and Large font. I would definately grab a newspaper. Though my idea in mind is that they have such big neews on the front. It may defeat the purpose of the overall inside of the paper. What do you think?

Chicago Tribune:
When viewing this article I was able to gain more information on ways to set up a layout and the differnt aspects of inprotance. The West Hawii today focused on disater and current issues. The Chicago Tribune and there love for sports focused on the Chicago Bears. The Font was a bit smaller but the picturs were large and had "lots of color". There Chicago Bears are local so it is a local event but I would consider it more of a sports section news. An less important fot the cover page. Though in the partiucalar paper that might be fantasitic news to them. There was also advertising in the lower right corner which is not shown in the West Hawii Today!

Reflection #8: Ellipsis

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I like how you tied together your personal experience with the text. I think you are right that we do need to be aware of how we use ellipsis(...). I tend to get cared away with them as well exspecially with quotes that are of directness, and of someting that I need to cut because I only need half of what the person says. I never really thought about the readers when doing such a thing I just assumed it sounded better so I reall got a better understanding by reading your input. I mean what harm could we possilbly do. An I love quotations. I think next time I will consider the effects it has on the audience in the matter of words, and cuts.
I figure that it most likely would call atttention it's a sense of wonder and the confusion that gets the reader thinking on a opposite page of what the journalist is really trying to say. Greta really made me think for my future articles how to minimize my use by understand my own purpuse for doing so in the eyes of the reader.

Question in Classs: The President of SHU

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I thought today's question were quite up to par with current Seton Hill issues that have been taking plae on campus. I am excited to see if parking, and housing get taken care of in my nest three years left at SHU. I think our President is very well spoken. She seems blessed to assist with the ell being of us students and expand on our interest and ideas. I had alot of fun today in class in reference to the questions.

What does everyone else think about the event? and the way the questions were answered overall?

Euphemism and Quotes

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Chapter 6:

As I was reading the use and misuse section on pg. 56 of the "genteelism" the tone seemed to be what is redefined in the newswriting world. We angle to use more precise words that grab the reader that shorting delema and substites as jargon. We only use euphemisms on the bases of " used to doll up an emotionally stark but otherwise unexceptional fact of the human condition. You want to balance and tone which can be a struggle. I found it interesting the relationship of words that are used in the instead of one another such as expecting for pregnant.

Hmm I would just use pregnant! Note: it is also stated that you can lead into a bad habit with the force of style and tone. You must let "Fine Writng" do it's thing. Listen and Understand the balance.


Chapter 8

Quotations are my favorite thing. Do I have fun with them? I have a field day with them.

It was really helpful to read and understand the basics of quotations. I found the section on Expltive Deleted to find a fine line between profanity, vulgarity, and obscenity. The society has become alot more involved with the the usage of the terms and words that are inapproriate. Though what do you think about the allowance of obscence language in theaters, music, film, public eye? In regards to newspaper personally I think it is great that they don't use such terms. Also, while reading I found that is good AP policy to avoid the casual profanity and vulgarisms. Though the exceptions very from newpaper to newspaper.

Do you think that in future writing that newspapers will have a bigger allowance of direct quote in the freedom of speech to direct quote? I mean of course theres regualtion but this day an age at this point it is hard to tell.

Story Leads The Body!

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The articles that I preveiwed I think that the reporters did want to provide a greater scope to the readers. The articles seemed to hold vital inforamtion on through quoetes and the terms and points the article was trying to get across. I felt that there was a variety of back a forth on what the result and the news were. For example, in the article based on evidence of from the writer the article is supported with past years and present years of work that needs to be taken care of. "The stables have been in need of repair for years, but after funds dried up, they're closed indefinitely." The support of the article lets the readers know the result of such and important organization/recreational park. Those affects will grab the reader also for example, "I wanted to do something relevant for consumer." This showed enthusiasm to readers that Zadig had potential of assisting with the problem and determination to find a resolution. Each article showing potential for a resoultion. Though curoius how newsworthy are articles of the such? Would you as a reader really want a scope of these such articles on a daily basis?

Reflection#7: What a story of view points I got!

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I really like the point that you mentioned in your post. The articles to me seemed a bit all over the place. The articles are two different leads, and two different sets of information. Your post really let me think further into the articles and how important they are in aspects of the environment. The love for the race it like the die of a job. This could be out of the ordinary but your points. Gave me a view that the workers of the recreational parks work so hard to provide programs to save the parks, pollution such as that from car races effect the growth and outcome of Recreational Benefits. Forests and trees provide oxygen so it is important to save them. I agree with story telling each article had a relationship with an action of events or occurrence of outcome that you would tell and talk about.  I think the problems are stated and the resolution is evident as well!

I found these articles really friendly on quotes, and the realtionship to improvement of the topic that the lead had lead on! I think that there is a bind with the articles in theory!


I think that crime is an ongoing thing in our society. You here about it in more places than one. You here celebertys do this, and homeless people do that. When you think about why does all this information make sense when your hearing about it. I have came to the conclusion after gathereing some information and gaining support from a fellow classmate Matt Henderson that it is "for the greater good". The journalist are recognizing the crime that is being commited but reporting the law in America which has been broken. There are tons of those. There for when people are commenting in the real world about the stories they hear it is because a reporter wrote an article and backed it up with support to give the readers a better understanding of what the crime was.

A crime can be fasinating to a reader so stating a good lead in the begining will grab the readers attention my understanding we should do that with almost all articles. The catch it the grab. You catch the eye you grab the attention. Then your words are dispersed back into the community. So overall my reflection here is that good supporting information and the reference of commited crime "detail" allows for futher understanding. It something should all consider when writing are Crime Report.

Why report such a "crime"?

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Well you could pounder the reasons of why you must consider the crime report as important scenario, or you can get down to the facts about why report any crime?

The tips from the The News Manual gave me goo information of what to look for, and how to become more prepared for a crime report and get the reader intereseted:

Follow Reader Guidelines!

1. why crimes happen?

2. Readers want to know what laws were broken.

3. unusual events

4. fascinating to read about.

I found the news value, and seriousness to be benefical as well because when writing to a target audience you want the value of the article to be you might not want t have t much orto less news value. The seriousness factor I found benefical becuase it is the visual that will make a story. If the scence results in death thatis more important than the robbery and the amount stolen.

I think that the article gave good tips on how to distiguish different types of crime as well.  An there are many different establishments. In writing you would make sure you had the wirte combination.


Cut Me Now or Else!

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Brakenridge man shot fleeing robbery attempt:

I n my understanding the depth and style are hard to focus on in such a small article that consists of very few key points, and is gained quickly in a reporters eye. The article is similiar to a filler except it is important. The style aspects if you narrow it down in my oppinion would be to consider organization. Becuase the lead in this particular article held information in regards to the community. So when you have to get an article out in a time crunch. You have to get the information out that is required for the story to be legit.

Such as, The information fled the scene is important, the description and the action. The victim is the action . The depth consists of the facts and the events that took place on that date, and representation of anyalization that you give. You need o basically back up you statements and your crime report with acurate information to give a depth of understaniding to your readers/ target audience.

Plea deal reached in Jeannette enslavement, kidnap case:

- the acual news was that the charges were announced and made against the three criminals

1. Jonathan being charged with rape

2. Cythia charged with interferance with custody and false imprisonment

3. Tabitha was charged with unlawful restraint

The overall facts of this article was the crime report had been filed months previous, This article just gave insight to the charges that were giving. The news is the alleged charges that have been finalized. The stuff that is unneeded is the relapse of crime that happened months ago the discussion now should be the outcome of felons. Are they being put away? Which is yes!

Allegedly Gone Bad!

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I was thinking about te word allegedly and the use that Dr. Jerz stated in class and how it is extremley important for you to put it in article to make it obviously that the victim, or criminal has not been charged yet.

I found a article that states, " Alllegedly is a word that reporters and news readers need to stop using."

The term allgedelly is assumed to be used so that journalist/reporters do not get sued. This article is stating the benefits of using other words besides allegedly.

An to stop over exposing the word "Allegedly"!



Foun it interesting what are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?

Reflection #5: Pitches

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So I mean I jut wrote this really fun and spectacuar nes pitch.

Though  does it resemble anyting of the such that we might discuss in news writing?

I posted my recent blog from the facts that I gained from the news pitch example and the knowledge in which I had already gained. I gained some further ideas from Matt Henderson and is begin quote about how a pitch can resemble a game and the overall task that you must grab the journalist and set forth the key information so they are bound to publish your story. I thought the basis Matt's reference to theater was quite inspiring and informative as well.

I think the pitch for Homecoming weekend will be fun!


Reflection #4: Bus Plunges

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My thoughts before class were that whoa I can't find anything on a bus plunge.

I referenced a few different blogs to get a better understanding of what the bus plunges might consist of. I referenced Gretta Carrols, Derek Tickles. They both had good foundations and insight to what a bus plungs article would contain the overall basics and the contemplation of what one article may carry rather than another.

I also reliazed that a bus plunge was a good filler for the newspapers to fill time slots that were empty. To provide up to date news coverage with little infor, and to keep the news flowing when there weren't major topics being relayed to the target audience.

Reflection #3: Ap an the works

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So maybe not all of the assistance in editing is mumble jumble!

Well Derek Tickles post on the AP style really assisted me in what the AP style was all about. It also gave me insight to the different questions that may arise when writing in AP style. You can queston even yourself sometimes when things get confusing.

I really got some good reference on comma's and actually referred to how I make the same choice to write important or create and ending to a specific artice rather than jsut saying, "cut and being done wI really like your post.

The AP style I am eager to learn and grasp better as a future new writer, or at least for knowledge purposes in the the journalism field.

Reflection #2: Obituary

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The theory of me and writing is I think I am in english class doing a research paper and need an over the limit amount of information. Thus making my news articles less ideal for a paper and more ideal for a English grade. After completing my obituary having it in length at approximately 840 words I sent it to google.docs.

Jessie Krehlick edited my article. She gave me very thoughtful information that made me anyalze my writing much better, and understand the key points to a news article.

My paper is now down to approx. 420 words rather than 840. I found this assistance to also inter chain with the Cappon Reading Chapter 4. It talked about lengths of sentences, what is key, and what to cut. I have started realiazing cutting down is a major rule.

Reflection #1: Ducks and Organics

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The facts that I gathered about reading the different readings were quite helpful. Though the peer's posts that I veiwed help me gather a better understanding Richelle Dodaro had a really intersting post about the duck and how her reaction was that she bad for the duck. That ducky article confused me. But I caught on after a while. She stated that she thought it was sad but a good thing that the restaurants and surrounding food markets were taking consideration to what goes into the animal's bodies. Though I over anyalzed it a bit...super bad in our nation. That the fact of the matter is if we ate better maybe we would end up not so wasteful! Overall the article on the profile was good I thought the responses from the person being interviewed in the aspects of the restaurant providing rather a community more so than a line on her platform. She was in relation trying to be good to her customers and set good views. My overall thought on this article was rated good, and Richelle kind gave me something to think more outside the box on, but relate wih my personal views and beliefs with animals and the food industry.


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When I think a pitch letter I think an organization trying to talk me the journalist perhaps into doing a article. I just recently wrote a mock pictch letter for a Communication Course. The pitch letter contained information on hit actress Kristen Belle making it into the big hollywood world. The layout of the letter is a pitch to grab te readers attention. You want to launch it to a magazine that fits the purpose of the story and acknowledges the key features. You want to be able to assit the reader with the incorporation of details,and facts but key facts more the less. You want to follow through with the pitch letter by contacting the journalist.

The article "Pitch ideas, not topics." I grabbed this and thought less pin pointing and more ideas on how the journalist can gain information for the story. An how the Public Relations offical or person sending the letter can assist them in conducting a good new story that will allow for good information to be presented to the audience. As a sender you must also acknowledge what the particular newspaper is looking for. The purpose of my story earlier is a prime example, " Kristen Belle is a actress." There for I launched her mock article to Entertainment Weekly journalist. Where they would be able to make better use rather than a sports section of a newspaper.

You have to know why it is important, and be prepared to answer questions before you send it. A pitch letter is fast and a process. You must be prepared with interview, photographs, and additional information when a jounralist if and when he decides to call. Your on there clock!

"Light..Camera..Action.." in my Blog History?

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For my first time experience with blogging I suggest that I get more percise with my enteries, and up to date on my comments. I just figured out where comments were tonight I feel bad.

Anyway the essences of my blogging history over that past few weeks I guess you could say it is negative and positive. I get the overall basis of blog enteries and the purpose. Am I enjoying it not so much.. yet. I hope in the up coming weeks to get faster, and more into the technology of online posting. I barely replie to facebook comments let alone my own personal blog... sad story. Though give me a paper, and i will research it and have it to you asap. I feel like my blog has had a significant impact thus far on the EL 227 course because it has allowed me to expand my oppinion and let others reflect, and give feedback. It means alot to me to be able to speak and let others see my interpretation. I just get overwhelmed with the feedback.

1. Coverage: The coverage that I have portrayed in my blogs are of knowledge and understanding. I have gained some ideas from peers, and followed through with referenced material in previous classes for example Writing Corporate Communication!

Readings 70-72 Obituaries and Funeral : The summary of death. The key points in which helped me understand the basis of an Obituarie and key ideas that came to mind when positng this blog.

News and I 2009 : The overall assumption I have on the news  in a powerpoint. I don't watch that much news... Bad? I know!

Chapter 1& 2 Scared Me! : How to make my articles less fluffy and more newsworthy.

Truly Remarkable : What my peers get out of news, and the effect that results in my world, our nation, and all over.

I Love Ducks (Quack)...and Strawberries...Yummie! ; the essential veiw and article gives, and how I broke it down to an overall understanding

Clark & Scalon 294-302 : this gives you a more active voice anaylsis of my work, and the dmocratic veiw in the essecences of news articles.

Bus Plunges What Next? : the significance of a Bus Plunge and my overall observation of improtance

AP oh Dear... : I talk abput APA all through my blog but in reality am talking about AP. Oppsy!

What Death Tolls Become in a Bus Plunge. : Two articles that I reseached on line! Bus Plunges onlin hard to find..Well I had a hard time finding different ones I kept getting the same bus plunges.

Ch. 3 "Like a Fiddle String?"  : Let's get them "Crutch Words" going!

ABC...to...Word Count: "average"- 16 words..period!

Use the Crosswalk: My obituary of an inclass mock recording of a death being reported. Took notes, wrote up my fabulous obituary.


2. Depth: My over all blog has been referenced amongst the Chapter Readings. After reading directions and the obvious reasoning behind depth. I hope to do some furhter research in my future blogs to allow me to have better sources of information in a bundle.

What Death Tolls Become in a Bus Plunge

Use the Crosswalk

Chapter 1 & 2 Scared Me!

3-4 Interaction & Discussions: My discussions I have managed to post some input on a couple of peers blog. Being nice, and furtherin the conversation with questions or agreement. I haven't really disagreed with a post before but there could be such an occasion in the near furture.

Chapter 1 & 2 Scared Me!

Readings 70-72 Obituaries and Funerals

Use the Crosswalk : Jeanie commented on my blog in regards to the use of "Mr." and how we should refrain

Clark & Scalon 294-302: Derek Tickle made a comment about my views on accurate information

Note: There is more I want to add here but Idk how to find the blogs that I have made comments on?

5. Timeliness: Ok so most of my enteries, all of them basically are posted before class. Some days in advance others not so much. The basic understanding is I need work with my blogs if the discussion should have multiple commenters. These are a few examples of time management.

Clark & Scanlon 294-302

Bus Plunges What Next?

News and I 2009

What Death Tolls Become in a Bus Plunge.

AP o h Dear...

These are the blogs that I turned in 24hours in advance. The ones that I did turn in at the begining of the season is because they were being entered on the Seton Hill page rathere my e-mail or other.

6. Xenoblogging: I am posting my blog but how do I bring up previously commented information on peers blog?

I have commented some good information on a few different individuals.

I am attaching a URL of a reflection I did for a post by Richelle Dodaro!


7. Wild Card: This one I felt as if I got good feed back on the both of them. Considering what I wrote my peers made the best of it and gave me good insight to why they liked my post.

I Love Ducks(Quack)...and Strawberries...Yummie! 

Clark & Scalon 294-302 

I think on my post in general I need improvement. I also feel that I type to fast which reflects in alot of typos that I have scene through completion of this Portfolio.

I think my next one will be alot better!


Use the Crosswalk

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Pennsylvania, Pa-  Security Cheif, Robert Clause, was the officer on the sight when a pedistrian got hit outside of Alumni Hall, September 14, 2009 at Elizabeth Mount College (EMC), at 8:30am.

The driver Mr. Klaushammer was driving a 2004 Ford. The victim was struck 15ft north of the crosswalk near the Ford was turning east as Shawn Peirce was struck. Shawn is a four year undergraduate student at EMC.

The victim was treated at the scence when a ambulence arrived, but refused to be transported to the area hospital.

During the disturbance Klaushammer stated, "A package is missing from my backseat."

The six foot tall predicted male, at 200 pounds excaped on foot past Park Water Avenue; after giving verbile orders by officals to stop.

"Klaushammer was ordered to stay alert while driving around campus, and to keep valubles locked away in his trunk," says Chase.

No charges were reported on file.   

ABC...to...Word Count

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 When I was younger it was all about the alphabet and how you wrote the letters. Now it is all about the word count in a sentence. You might experiment with the 5 word sentence. While the rest of us are stuck on should we keep our "average". The average word count 16-17 words. Cappon states," There is no absolute rules of good writing- generalizations are instantly riddled with exceptions- but the principle of the 16- word average comes closest." You need to think wisely when posting sentences more than 20 words. Maybe consider dropping a prepositonal phrase, or making that "period" appear to the readers.

 Furthermore, Cappon gives examples as to what things can help narrow, and make sentences more appealing. Personally, I focus on the the beginings of my sentences a bit to much. With though, although, and the such. He gives information as to how to prevent using those, and the purpose as to why using them can be a lengthy unneedy add on. If we shorten the individual sentences in words that are more appealing and useful to the overall audience.

You want to cherish your abjective, and make the wrods used sustainable in the readers mind. Be simple and direct. The fact is easier said, then done.

Ch.3 "Like a fiddle string?"

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A good lead is something that you must think about and anyalze. Cappon metioned that much news is repetitive: wa, crime, disaster.So I thought his key was a good point to anyalze what is different about each article. You have to have a small hook that grab the readers.

I also found it interesting that when getting our facts out we tend to mumble, and go off on a whim to get to much information across. Verbs are a good choice that crop the leads so the aren't as wordy and can be recognized as good information. 

When you anyalze your 5 W's you must experiment on the improtance and the overall goal you are tryin to meet. Leads can sky rocket if you make the right catch understandable by the readers.

The information by Cappon also realizes time and the restraint that fixing and contemplating can do to a lead. "There is no ready formula. You must use your ear as well as your eye." In leads every word counts.

What Death Tolls Become in a Bus Plunge.

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Two compare two bus plunges. Is like comparing two deaths in my oppinion. I researched teo different plunges one in Nepal, and number two was India.

Nepal had the number of people involved, the total of how many people were inthe bus before the accident occured, It had what happened during the accident. There were the number of people hospitalized, as well the fact that three police officers were injured in a "scuffle."

In comparison to the India bus plunge the accident happend in a fast flowing river, out of 36 bodies only 20 were recovered . The other 11 were suggested missing from the strong cureent. An only four people survived.

Thought the articele didnt really focu on certain things and both were quite short. The articles both had accidents that were in differnt places. All the articels that I researched as well as these two had survivors and those numbers were quoted. The articels were intersting wit hthe titles. "At least 20 die as bus plunges into gorge in India", "Nepal bus plunge death toll hits 20; 11 missing." These titles grabbed my attention they had at least one word that made the article worth reading.

Though in the Nepal article it referenced how the accident occured. In the India articel it did not it veered off more on the angry family memebers that were throwing rocks at the police involving more injured people than just in the bus plunge itself. 

AP oh Dear..

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I find that APA can be a challenege. I mean I've been taugt MLA my whoe life now expanding to APA. Oh.Dear.

I think that the rules established by APA format are good enough that my papers will come out well revised. When reading about the acronyms I said, " I always use abreviations." It reflection of all the texting I do I think it has taking a toll on my writing overall. I was conducting my profile interview and jsut abbreviated the organizations in which my peer was involved in. I didn't think to write out the whole thing. Which could come into a hassle when you write the whole paper/ article because by then you have completed so many other things.

Such as capitlization I never capatilize. I just type and let it go. I mean it is really not that hard to press the shift key but I forget.

So APA is good it just alot of rules to take under. An there confusing at times. Like don't lowercase president before the comma. I would most likely capatilize. It is an overall thinking process.

In regards to the article I think that the conclusion would most likely not end with a quote. Yow would want o put slightly less important information into so that in regards to journalist putting in large and small articles the ending cut be cut if need be. The article maybe not being super improtant but jst a thought.

Also, the line on Inky's contributions what fact establish this you would most likely want to expand.

Bus Plunges What Next.

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"What else do reporters do to save time, be creative. In such a a time crunch?"

The article by Dr. Jerz I found hilarious. I mean journaslist in the crunch of time come up with titles and effects to make he story a hit. I would most likely read an article wth that title. I mean you know it has to do with a bus but to what extent.

Though to some extent it could set off the wrong vibe for articles in my oppinion. Lik be to much of a joke to read. People like seriousness, and news that relates a bus plunge might not always grab there attention. I did find the statment to be catchy. But the aspects of a tragic bus event facing he nation could be upsetting and filler like that might not do.

So I think more thought out titles are the key.

Clark & Scalon 294-302

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 The language of journalism is fundamental in the process of News Writing. The goals are characteristic and constitute as the important elements in the stories we read on a day to day basis. The active elements in journalism I also found intersting becuase I am very active- "the active vocie" is important to me as a individual. You are getting the material that was seen, it is direct observation. If i were reporting I would want to be where the action is taken place. It is where I could show personality and be active in a news field.

 The  "right branching sentence" I found interesting how the main clause is on the right and the all the other elements branch off on the right. The variation of John McPhee and John Steinbeck, were  noted as creating page after page of right branching sentences. Though the effect was almost invisibile. The overall assumption of this is that it will make it clearer the writing to the reader that is.

The democratic view of this reading I found to be true. I mean writing can be reviewed as public discourse . Though the impulses I have noticed in newswriting before and the [plain] view is understandable because you acknowledge more vision and purpose through news writing. The establishment of metaphors and the such make it possible to have a particular understanding. Which in reltion can be due to the plain aspect of writing and description that we visualize.


I love Ducks (Quack)...and Strawberries..Yummie!

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Ok so the article caught me off guard but I mean when you read something it can go either direction you make it, Then fool you. This article got me.

Though was interested to read about the different things that the Organic foods, and the way the ducks tied into. When I got to the bottom of the article I finally caught on. The fact that the personal profile and the relation to cooking came together with the strawberries and the ducks becuase the organic produce.. I found it interesting how the author conducting the profile incorporated the basis of her visions, and the not the line. And the fact there were direct quotes that directed back to the focus of the profile.

I think I got this confusing though.

Truly Remarkable

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The perception that I saw and gathered in the presentations and overall class discussions was wuite interesting. From the majority stating that they didn't watch the news, and found it biased and un entertaining. I would have to say I agree with them. My presetnation conducted the same information and was in the same respose as my classmates. As I gathered more information I noticed that some lived by the news. It was the one station they had, and others were extremely into it just because thaey found it entertaining to an extent. A legit number of students found that the CNN news braodcast was unworthy and overratted to a point. I also learned something new. The Kane Show. I had never heard of it but after watching a clip of it I found it extremely entertaining and may consider it fcor the future. WE also had the inspirational poems that led to a borader wiew of the news and religion the basis of understanding what actually hapepend on one day somewhere is tragic. An wheather it be a death or jsut a shooting it is effecting the nation.I also found it familiar to recent activity in my hometown that the news is very vague to people that travel over seas, or to other countries. My best friend is from Canada and she goes there a month out of the summer to visit her dad. During that time she has no cellphone and it is like she is cut off to the world. IT was referecne in class by Mike and a trip that he took to Rome where he didn;'t get to gather an current national or local news around the area while he was there for the summer. The only news that he encountered was Micheal Jackson's death. That to me was understandalbe.

I think overall after the presentations that the news that we gather on a day to basis is somewhat  overrated and we all have our own aspect of news, and how we like to learn about it.

Chapter1 & 2 Scared me!

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I mean so I think alot when I am reading. It helps me understand the overall concept of what I am trying to understand I guess. Weird okay!

I found the statment that was quoted from the text about "slight rewording produces dramatic result so true." I trend to be a wordy writer which gets me no where except with a bunch of extra inforamtion and unclearness of the overall topic or purpose of what I am writing about.

I also found the Mark Twain, who also had writing experience, once told a young corespondent, "When you catch an adjective, kill it." I found that valuable because it isn't something I think about or consider doing. I write what come to mind and let that be the end of it. I also found it interesting how the text stated the adjectives you will use less modfiers. Which in long-term could lead to an advantage.

Some really helpful information that I thought would even help with my profile and news releases that I have been completing over the weekend was the three questions.

1. Have I said what I meant?

2. Have I put it as concisely as possibele?

3. Have I put things as simply as possible?

You must not write for the readers understanding, but make sure you as a writer have goten your point across that you want them to understand in the end.

I think I am going to consider picking words wisely!

News and I 2009

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Readings 70-72 Obituaries and Funerals

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This reading gave good insight to the thoughts and the important information needed to make the release of one's death important and understanding. I thought the lsit of names noted on page 73 was a good way to show how life was celebrated. Though how many names should you put in reference to one persons death is it all immediate family or all friends. This I am guessing would be conducted in an intereveiw manor. I like how this particular obituarie showed the religious factors, and life goals.

This also referenced my Oral Communications course when I had to write a letter in reference to my death as a overwiew of my dedications and accomplishments. So it gave me a better understanding of the difference.