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Reflection #11: Personal

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I really think that the's reading helped me acknowledge more of personal bond with with writing, and reporting I realized how my minors would play a role in role in the field of study I plan to go into. An the more knowledge the better. I feel like Seton Hill has allowed me to further my education with great intentions. Newswritig seems to be wide spread, and can be taken from many points of view. Understanding many topics around the world with carrers, organizations, and to allow for feedback, expertise, more roles in the job field, etc. Journalism overall is a pencil to the paper... though really just another key to the door that will open to greater, and better things.

Newspapers are unfair when: They wont name NAMES

Anonymous and anonymous quotes are like a mystery to what your mom puts in your lunch bag. Even as to how you P+J sandwich is cut whether it is in to 4 squares, two triangles, with crust or with out crust. The mystery involves just as much thinking as a reader looking for the source, of fairness in the article with the anonymous source.

The text also states to not use the word 'source' unless it is absolutely necessary. Although unidentified sources and the use of sources are being judged it is having a corrosive effect on the credibility of newspapers. Though agree that it is hard to say that anonymous sources will ever completely disappear completely from American newspaper.

They have ignorant or incompetent reporters:

Organizations are covered by reporters who simply do not know enough about the subjects they are trying to report on which I agree with. I believe the text provided good insight to the hiring process with suggested skills. This chapter gave me emphasis to me of what to consider. How many people have actually thought about the factors referenced on page 24-26? Do you think it should be pressured more in universities in regards to double majors, how it will effect students after college with there declared major? How would you go about explaining your knowledge to an employer for you being a prospective job seeker in the journalism field?

Also these questions all came to mind with the field of study that I am considering, but I also noticed a range of guidelines that news stations, reporters used as a way of accuracy. I thought more on a personal note and how making personal guidelines could result in the benefit of us students, and preparing for the future. Making our own guidelines before we write and gather quotes, and ask questions could build a personal bond with our self and writing ability all together. Furthermore, help build accuracy as we write and narrow on documented information.

I think that we all need to consider fairness in materials, and information that we gather as professionals, and the audience that we target, and how it affects them in the public eye.


Reflection #10: What I did..How I fixed it.

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After completeing the readings I realized that recently I had made a error in one of my recent post. The recent post was in regards to the speaker that came to talk to us the President. I had talked to Dr. Jerz on how to fix it. I mean yes the readings talked in reagards to newpapers and te such. But I think it is important to transition all of my writing and make sure it is being completed with accurate information.

The mistake I made was when I got the higer ups confused with Dr. Boyle and the President and the such. Commenting on someone that was not acctualy speaking was the case. I figured oh well. Though when I talked to Dr. Jerz he said that I should change it. Though I had already had people commenting on it in reference to what a great person the indivdual was. I had to make it right, So I made my corrections. The person commenting could have figured it out why I changed it. Though could have been dissappointed at the same time.

The reading made me think of one of my own mistakes, An how big or littte accuracy is key.

Unsparing- Documenting concerns / Where does it end?

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Throughout the reading I was caught by the numerous documentation from other published news material, and the reference of what is improtant, and what jounralist convey.

Journalist convey, "We are better than you" type roles that lead to broader reseach by the community of people not reporting on such a topic. Therefore resulting in a high amount of issues and interferance with published copies, and the corrections needed. (Pg.2)

I enjoyed reading about he documents and the way the "Free Press" signifys our rights and the amount of contitutional protection certain documents have more so than others. It also after reference this I spotted emphasis on the newspapers and how they can be biasd or unfair when it comes to the facts, an the layed out information.

Overall I think that the published information in this text is great documentation for all journalist. I mean the understanding from the Tribune is that documentation and accuracy are key, For example, tribune editiors required to read word for word... to make the effort of correction percise, and demanding. Though in the end well worth it with well rounded accurate published information.

I think that the feed back that we convey during editing allows us to expand our writing as a whole,.I've experienced issies in my blog post, papers, and the such quite a few times. It is about acknowledging them, and seeking into fix them.

I think fundamentals are key.


Call me Collective or Unpredictable

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"A short article that represents the offical collective position of the editorial board of a newspaper. More generally, an ediorial is a special genere of journalism that aims to inform, persuade, and/or entertain."

I learned this defenition to be a Editorial. Reading the backgorund and reflection of peers made me think! Does my writing on a regular basis carry a lot of editorial based information, and for me it doesn't I tend to be more of a columnist. But I did become interested in the aspects of an Editorial and how the lead is "an unsigned essay" It represents oppinion. On the focus of this is to get an oppinion and discusson of points of view going. I mean a column perhaps is more on te guidelines of a regular scdueled article. The editorial not so much! I found it interesting the comments and terms of regualtion for reporters as well. "Individual reporters shouldn't slant their stories to reflect or rebut editorial oppinions."

I wonder the cnsequence if such a thing happened. I mean following regualtion is predicatable. I mean you could very well have an unpredictable reporter though.

The websites linked below are a few editorials I found. The "Polie chase gone bad" seemed to catch my eye as in what is a police chase and a oppinion. Or where is my confusion? The article seems interesing but labeled an editorial is filled with facts.

Bad Editorial




Portfolio 2: Consider

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I really enjoy tattending this class. I like to write and things keep coming to mind when I want to just sit down and write. I think that the lead of the second semester is go hard, lead strong, finish strong. It's jst something that I must remeber if I want success in this semester. I am anxiious to write future articles. I think that my blogging thus far haas improved tremendousley from the begining when I started!

The Collection:

Allegedly Gone Bad!- was a post I made to an in class topic, and waw an article that I found interesting that could be biased, but was on the same page with newswriting.

Cut Me Off Of Else!- this blog post was in reference to the benefits of cutting stuff out,and the benfits of less informtaion and keeping the important stuff.

Why Report Such a "crime?"- the crimes that were listed here made me think of the guidelines when typingmy own crime report, and the overall main points to understand.

Story leads the Body This is where I asked questions to classmates and gathered more knowledge in reference to them ansering questions it was a form of interaction rather than just reading my post. I wanted to gather feedback.

euphemism_and_quotes I love quotes. this read was fun and I really felt like I understood the material. It lead to a indepth discussion.

Whats your eyes catching today? This post was running late becuse we had internet issues with the server for blog.setonhill.edu I also thought that the overall view of the different layouts that I got to see was alot of fun.

Depth: These links listed below allowed me to

Allegedly Gone Bad


Interaction and Discussions:This links below are in reference to one or more comments on that particular post that I posted. They all have some sort of commenting.

Story Leads the Body.

Euphemism and Quotes

Questions in Class: The President of SHU

I cOmmented here:

Josie Rush

Jennifer Prex

Richelle Dodaro

Greta Carrol

Greta Carrol


Timeliness: I beleive if I am correct we had shorter blog lists to complete this time. The blog that blogs that I did post were all before class. I beleive the layout post was a computer error. Though other than that I posted everything on time, and got feedback from many.

Allegedly Gone Bad!

Cut Me Off Of Else!

Why Report Such a "crime?"

Story leads the Body


Whats your eyes catching today?

Xenoblogging:All the names listed below are the links to the individuals blog in which I blogged on. It may have been more than once. These individuals also helped me in the process of gathering a better understanding of the materials, and also the friedly comments that I got in return were helpful.

Josie Rush

Jennifer Prex

Richelle Dodaro

Greta Carrol

Greta Carrol


Wildcard: These are all my reflections. Some of them are short, and long. I thought you might be interested in reading a few so I listed them.

Questions in Class: The President of SHU

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I hope this has giving you a brief overview of my blogging hisotry over the past few months. An thanks guys for the comments, and feedback! :)




October 6, 2009- Present (Note there are still articles coming in about the results of these bridge repairs)

Route 90 Bridge to Collapse

This article picked from my hometown was a breaking news article in the October 6,2009 WJZ report it was local news as you can tell with its three paragragh's of information talking about the the bridge and the fear that it might collapse if a deteriorated 85-foot section isn't replaced. The articles states the slap of weight restriction and breaking news that it was to locals. Because many people use the ridge from west ocean city to get in to the north and south side over the water. The presure of passing weight to get to work on time is a fear for some. This detour leads to the Route 50 bridge it is noted. The breaking news story in news.google.com has 24 articles in regards to the bridge in a span from Monday to Today. The most recent post was by the Baltimore Sun with information from the State of Maryland Administratior.

In a recent article the residents of the Ocean City area are concerened with back-ups and such. Reported by Lacee Griffith. www.wboc.com "Residents not looking forward to Route 90 Bridge Closure."

Bridge Route 90

October 5, 2009- Present (Still looking for more information investigators are.)

19- year-old shooting ended with death of 24-year-old 

Latest Article that I have been covering is the deadly shooting in Salisbury, Md my hometown basically WicomicCounty right outside of Ocean City. Where at a home on Hammond Street , but their investigation was continuing as of monday. The report posted on Wed. was a folllow up from the report on Monday wheb the action of the shooting with no suspect was reported. In the link above is to the arrest of a man in connection with the shooting. It seemed like breaking news to me at  the time because it gave vague description, and spoke of no suspect, So with a death there is normally a follow up of arrest. On Monday the articles that were reported as just a 24 yearold being killed. Now when we get to October 7, 2009. Salisbury man is charged with Hammond Street homicide.

The name released over time was Derrien Brett Douglas and was arrested on a warrant close to 6, p.m. Tuesday .

Though the other articles didn't post further information on who was being arrested.



I was first going to pick autism and the research that dealt with it, but it ended up not being breaking news after all. I liked researching these articles it kind of gave me some insight as to what was going on in my home time, and how serious breaking news could be.