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Reflection #17: Blinded by the Light

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Newspapers in my oppinion are sometimes blinded by the light of fame. I recently gained from reading Gretta and Matt's blog post that the aspects of tv and radio can sometimes jepordize the importance that a nes article might be trying to establish jsut as much as any of the other things are trying to publiish. The understanding that I got after reading was fabulous becuase the First Amendment I know but have  I really ever thought about it? Perhaps jst over looked it? That would be me. I mean I try to establish the unbiased and fairess in my articles but it might not always work. I gained a different perspective on the news articles and the relationship it shares with the press and the dividing line of what is fair, unfair. and just crossing the line. Im mean it seems that newspapers make an effort so I feel they diserve the light just as much as anyother distributer of news but you have to make the information provided worth the fame.


Pride for America

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The First Amendment is the state of mind that is what the seminar recently stated as they had some constructive criticism for the speakers and the efforts. There are no First Amendment responsibilities.hmmmm.  The press doesn't have to be fair in order to be free. hmm i don't agree!

 I think that the press should always attempt to be fair obviously to certain extents the miraculous events that take place that prevent that can be tied to the first amendment. Sometimes there is no east way to report certain things. The first amendment states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." I think that the first amendment in regards to the readings is important in the expectations foe reports that are writing the articles and their attempt to be some what fair or unbiased though they might not always meet the  standards they just complete and forget.

For example, "53% of Americans said they believed the press has too much freedom. I think that the press does have a lot of freedom. Though what do you think the extent of their freedom is? I think that after reading the "Fairness and the First Amendment" I have been able to gain more knowledge on the press and what they are capable. The press is like no other industry in American society. It strives on reporting information and the spot light on the wrong and actions of what is happening in the world. The justification that I gathered from this reading is that truthfully the First Amendment is established but is it an overdose of freedom in the eye of America? Under certain conditions is the establishment of free rights being exercised sufficient? The constitutional rights are the rights but we must understand the first amendment at its very best.

When all else fails what we read we judge I do believe.

Reflection #16: Assisting a Find

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After reveiwing multiple friends blogs on the Harvard Pictures lead me to commenting and relfecting. I notcied the easy access to these photos and how they can  be viewed easily by clicking on white dots in the middle near the bottom of the picture. I think that the aspects of visual are important on a front page of a news site. I mean the frustration that these students make me think of how much effort goes into thinking andp osting when desgining a page and if it will be easy for people to catch on the the little tricks and such. I think that my find in how to view the pictures may have been helpful, and contribute to them more success in viewing the site. Angela and Josie were the two students that lead me to this reflection and find.

Daily Scope at it's Best Perhaps

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I really liekd the vibe  got from the page when I first referenced it. I mean some papers just are annoying that there is no bounce of life to the front page and such. I enjoyed the grapohics from the start with the frsh news that was in effect to date, and the round about edge the site gave.

Also, the fact the the pictures went with the articles was a plus. The facts of the budget cuts, and city council reviews supplies. These are good front page topics I thought that relly allowed the audience to gt involved with updated news, that was eiteher on going, or important to the students and community. I really think the hedline for the Board shines light on University finances was a good catch.

Overall, exploring the site I saw advertisments throughout. I thought that the layout was like a timeline of articles broken up in to legit categories. The factor that portrayed that was the Weekly series, the Life Section, and leeter from the editor.

Also, I referenced the print addition of the paper which they had PDF access available to students and the community on the site. For those that I guess would rather look at the paper in a more colorful scence it seems that was what was different the layout was a biit different thougjh on the print additions the first thing online was the first thing demonstrated in the print addition in reference to the budget.


Print Additioin

Law School Newspaper

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My attention was really grabbed by the headlines and like a few other people were the pictures prresented in the very begiining and how they portrayed the series of hot topic articles.

Some of the headlines referenced lecture and such on the campus, also referenced governement activity. Some of the headlines referenced topics such as:

"House Speaker -building consensus for legislation"

"Baylor low professor delivered a library of critisism against the ammerican approach to prosecuting cocaine related charges before an audience of students at Harvad."

All focusing on governent related topics.

The photography om the cite was attractive to my eye i nthe area of the arts. There seemed to be a wide varitety of art information, and updated info with photographs that portray and descirbe what is taking place in the photo. Whould you agree?

The whole time I was reading these articles I was thinking of Legally Blonde, and how the saying goes, "Elle? Yes Warrner? What are you doing here? I go here? You go to Harvard? Yes Warner like its hard... Law School." I basically was thinking the advantages of a high ranked Univeristy with such high standards but there reflection of information seemed vague. I think that they could spark there news up a bit, and even lean a bit more of there focus to the layout.


Reflection #15: Fair to Unfair

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The investigative articles that are currently in progress brought to mind what about the material we research and the fairness of the  material to what we are trying to address in our material, such as is the author of an article you are gathering information from fair to the contents it is providing. It is hard to tell though it is some what like what we talked about recently in class and links and how they are newsworthy, biased, spam, and unneeded feedback possibly. That would be my reflection to the readings and the fairness and quality of material we read and gather information from how fair is it? It also makes me want to be more fair in my own writings to make in beneficial to my reader's and so forth. 

Derek Tickle also referenced fairness in his post whcih sparked my reading and bloggin into this subject here is the link to his article and my comment.

Derek Tickle- November 17, 2009

What is fairness to you?

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Blockbuster #1 News Expression

Newspapers are unfair when: They can't admit that sometimes their is no story

Why breath on a final decision if deep down you know it is not the fairytale ending you hoped for in your news article...

The scene of a movie has now become the hit attraction (note: in my oppinion) to the news articles which are blocked of the details and consumed with assumption. I mean if you think about it to me it is sort of like your judgement and assumption of what a movie is going ot be about. Even how we pick one movie over another at the movie store.

In reflection, these assumptions make it the hardest thing to do which is to persuade a reporter that there simply is no big story here. Making it sometimes utterly impossible becuase reporters are already convinced under their own investigative reporting that their is a story no matter if they are right or wrong.

In relation to the above statements a recent movie that I watched titled Prom Night was a prime example to me of reporting under investigation and crimanal assumptions that are being reported on the news to the community in that particular movie. A prime example of news that could be published in our individual communitys. In one scene the police are in talk mode when they say the reporters are getting anttssyy its kind of like what do we tell them with the investgation still under way? It kind of leads  to the wquestion do we lead them to the story line that "there is no story false alarm" jsut to save the death of teenagers on their prom night being published on the TV screen to family members that have not received notice. It is a horror in itself just thinking about it.

Overall, while reading the article in the [Best Practices to Address the Problem] it is ntoted that reporters should work on developing "fairness skills" This responsibility to take the lead falls to the editors. They should talk about fairness often, both in organized staf meetings and informal conversations with staff members. The fairness of skills is important because the skills portrayed in reporting and investigation in relation to class should be carried through when writing the article. All dimensions and points investigated should be carried  through no matter a reporters assumption.

Fairness=free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice: a fair decision; a fair judge. 

When I looked over the meaing of fairness it was interesting to find the term biased and how being fair leads to unbiased material when in the news field we should attempt to be unbiased and fair as we progress perhaps. Which in my oppinion is the hardest thing in a news distribution to conquer if you know what I mean? You can be fair by being biased but it is a lack there of if you are to biased becaucse then you are not being fair. The benefits in the long run of being fair is the way we look at our writings that are addressed for class and how we write to our target audience which could lead to progress in our very own writings.

What are your oppinions on fairness in the news field, and what are some points that think could lead to better actions of fairness portrayed in published news throughout the media? 


After viewing the website for the New York Times the first thing that poped in to mind was the hit show Gossip Girl. It is the highlight of te WB on Monday nights and a certain favorite to most. It is a new version of what the hit show The O.C. In my recent view of the second season they referenced the New York Times and the ability it takes for a writer to land a job with big newspaper distribuition such as them. The ability it takes to write about something that might not always be your common interest. Overall, this grabbed my attention as a growing professional in the journalism/ communication field and the industries that are prospering in shows, and movies. It was interesting to take a personal experience into acknowledgement while searching the newyorktimes website and how it related to class, and the videos, and visual slides that were up to date and bein viewed by all.

A reflection on a more personal aspect always comes to mind when I am blogging so that is what I reflect on. Although personal exeriences are legit the round circle of the pie when you cut a slice out is the feedback you get from your peers when they ask you a question about what you blogged on.


andrew says, "You said in your first paragraph that you aren't much of a fan of the news. Do you feel that the increasing amount of videos and slide-shows on news websites such as The New York Times will change your view of the news?"

I responded, "In a way possibly but its hard to say. I am more of a visual person so seeing the news in pictures, and topics from events that I have watched defitnately get me more pumped about the news, and what I believe is accurate. I guess it could just make me more judgemental, but considering that I am into the video thing rather than reading a 800 word article definately getds my attention. So to answer your question I would have to say yes it would because it would give me more to go on overall in the end."

I guess that makes my overall reflection the point of view in which I seek the visual trend of news within newspapers to be, and how it affects me at the end of the day. He realyl made me think when he asked that question. Because I was being honest when I said I don't take much time out of my day for the news/ newspaper. Though I am a more visual learner so picures, and effects do me well.



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The links listed bleow are some of which within my investigative reporting will allow for good insight to the history, and importance on the print issue being confronted at Seton Hill University Campus.



Senate Notes: Seton Hill University E-mail

Budget Cut University

Print Outs No Longer Allowed

Think Before You Ink


What a Waste

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"Following Seton Hill University and where our recycable's don't go caome to mind. Thoughts are powerful but even more powerful when put to action."

Moving on, in the recent Beyond the board visual's I seeked out both the garabage, and the recycables. Though I thought what did all of this have to do with newswriting class? The visual publicity, and th how easy it was for each side of garbage, to trash to be picked up was interesting. An to thinkj that as a country we recycle 50% less than what we should per year.

What if one day we ran out of landfill space? Should effots should be proggressed more than ever now than other times in history? In regards to news wrtiting should more computer savvy inventions be looked apon to  allow more of a green commitement? What are your oppinions?

Advertising Highlight

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The highlight of the upcoming holiday season or any occasion is the advertisements and the products that grab the attention of the target audience. In recent years the Ipod ad's the, IPhones the labtops, and the boots with the fur (UGGS) are the hit targets on many youg individual's list, but what would we consider the hit this year? What are your opppinions do you think with the 2009 season coming to an end that there any hot gadgets on your list? Well to assist you in this on goling process consider advertisements, and the viewpoints that these recent articles have given me from the current websites we have had to view.Such as this one!

You must promise no to get mad though:

Review: Art & Copy Profiles Mad Men, Women of Advertising's Rise

"In these scenes, we see how preciously ad agencies treat their creative types. They are given free reign to be the confused, self-conscious and driven people they need to be in order to remain successful and productive in a line of work where the only constant is rejection. Creativity wasn't always treated as a precious commodity. Art & Copy shows that, until the 1960s, ads were relatively dull and flavorless."

"The aspects and understanding of how ad's are done with creativity and how we view them really grabbed my attention an how they link the whole world to a new trend."

Would you agree? 

People in the modern day society can be really bought by the significance of an ad. It is the power and push that get's them to the store's. Kind of ike the power and push a reporter has on the publicity their very own article get's when put out in the front page of the New York Times. I mean in America we live for the creativity, of Budweiser my Uncle in Maryland is the advertising Manager for Budweiser it is for one of the branchs it is quite a significant role to play as a person to grab the eye of million's with such little design, and custom. You have to be the best in the window showcase with a hit killer design for anyone to even consider your product.

I mean if you look at advertising in depth as when you were a kid until now. Think! Take a second and look back and see if you remember that push pop that you saw as you were leaving the store. You saw that it was candy, but the image was that it was a push up lolli- pop it was like a toy with significance. As an adult or grown up individual you seek better more joyful things. You are more draewn to the tabloids, and the cigareete addictions that grab your mind, body, and soul. Where as note... a little kid it was just a push up lolli-pop that grabbed your attention with its significance. I mean sure you can establish the overall understanding of an advertisment these day's but can you refrain from buying, or cosuming the advertised product. Try it sometime. Like if your looking at a dinner menu and there is no picture can you really order that plate full, or must you reconsider and go for the pictured item that is noted as there best?

The overall meaning of what I grabbed from this artilce on advertising is that since the 1960's advertising has become a big role of the modern day socierty it is away of life. It has provided many creative jobs in the design field, and much more. In essence though what has it done to our morals, and view the featured model in a add it the attention grabber to the young girls eye. With a response I want to look like that when I grow up. It might be a wish but in the end with that girl get that image? Art & Copy is a significance in New York City, CAlifornia, and major cities across the nation. What are you stories, and views on advertisements, and what impact have they made in your life in the recent years?

Life of New York in 1, 2, and 3

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The news in general has never been my hot spot. I mean sure I hear the drama, the action, the politics from all angles. I even see on hit TV shows the the news stands the public eye in view, the importance to Queen B and the not so importance to the avreage individual. The power that circles certain things, and certain people has what I have grown up to attempt to understand. Why must one target that news broadcast over another. Why is that video more improtant as a visual than just a descriptive article? It depends on te occasion, the geographic's, the popularity. The class, the diverity in the article. Everything comes together to make what we call our New York Times, our US Today, and the many others that surround our community's our eye's our educational understanding.

After viewing the website for the New York Times the first thing that poped in to mind was the hit show Gossip Girl. It is the highlight of te WB on Monday nights and a certain favorite to most. It is a new version of what the hit show The O.C. In my recent view of the second season they referenced the New York Times and the ability it takes for a writer to land a job with big newspaper distribuition such as them. The ability it takes to write about something that might not always be your common interest. Overall, this grabbed my attention as a growing professional in the journalism/ communication field and the industries that are prospering in shows, and movies. It was interesting to take a personal experience into acknowledgement while searching the newyorktimes website and how it related to class, and the videos, and visual slides that were up to date and bein viewed by all.

I viewe slideshows from the Tokyo Motor Show, and the Mary J. Blige, a native from the Bronx and how she got te night going by singing the national anthem for the new york game. Old news it could be but if you looked under the search section on the website it took you to many slides that allowed you to gather knowledge of certain things the New York Times covered, The footage on certain things really grabbed my attention and how well it was published so viewers could really feel apart of the expereince that they may have missed or jsut wanted to understand. There was also a series of videos that were on the front page of te New York Times which was in a span of 4 categories Style, Science, Music, and U.S. Back to my previous notes on writers not always getting what they want to report on it seemd the that more recent and important information on the website went to those reporters that had footage that could be explained, and wnated information by the audience of viewers.

Note: Under the U.S. video link that you could watch it had the acused 9/11 suspects to face federal trial and an update on the Obama administration and there plan as to what to do with the criminals. New York reported on the terroist and the referenced 5 men to be charged to possibly seek the death penalty.

I also found it reall funny and eye grabbing the photograph of the Chicken and the vegitarian thanksgiving. it seemed to be acknowledging more target audiences more than just those of us that east chicken and meat on Turkey Day. I think that views that I  completed throughout the website really gave a broad understanding to me and possibly others the wide range that a news paper can take on. Making it possible for all readers to have a benefit of reading, or even those not into reading haveing a visual advantage to the New York Times.


Reflection #13: Ivestigation on Blogging

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Could I be wrong? Maybe.

I reserached many differnent perspectives to anyalze the overall assumption of the news and how it played a role in minorities, and investgative articles. I did my reseach for a more personal understanding and perspective on the topics. I think that after conducting my research I have been able to gain better knowledge and also have been able to relate to the minorites that aren't also shown in news, and how that it is important that in a wide spectrum we include everyone. I beleive that the topics in this blogging occasion were very interesting and were helpful getting a better understanding on upcoming articles and the blogging of my peers also heloped me gather a better understanding in different perspectives.

Furthermore, in reference to my classmates perspectives I really releted with Richelle and how her post was in reference to a movie, mine was as well. It really got me thinking about how we learn from movies and acknowledge later from what we learned. I think also that grettas perspective on the newsworthyness of the articel we might be writing due to the fact of sources, and lack there of. So it was really good assistance reading htese post from my classmates and gathereing there perspectives, that alllowed me to think throught my blog, and make it lenghty enough for conversation in hopes.



To Investigate the Future

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"It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper."

It was interesting while reading to find out that while still well below minority represenataion in the national population, has come from almost zero to nearly 12%. That was intersting to me. I tryed to look up further statistics but all I could seem to find was statistics on realtion to the amount of internet use for online newspapers rather than the information on employees and there statics in the newspaper field.

 I also found it interesting the coverage of minoriteis. So I looked further in to the "melting pot theory"-  (the metaphor was used to describe the fusion of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures). The effect that America as a whole has and the ability we have to include mutiple minorities in news stories but don't always take the time. In my research these are some of the articles I found on information and articles in referece to the roundtables of our class reading and how they relate to the understanding and importance of including the widespread view of mulitple ethnicitys, and the correspondance of writing in a community or national stance.

Temple University News

Growing Diversity

"The census calculates that by 2042, Americans who identify themselves as Hispanic, black, Asian, American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander will together outnumber non-Hispanic whites. Four years ago, officials had projected the shift would come in 2050. The main reason for the accelerating change is significantly higher birthrates among immigrants. Another factor is the influx of foreigners, rising from about 1.3 million annually today to more than 2 million a year by midcentury, according to projections based on current immigration  policies."

I found this to be interesting to our topic and where the overall role of jobs and jobs realted to newswriting would play a part.

I also after reading found it intersting to do my research on my own of lawsuits in regards to biased news and the assumptions that people have and how they go about defending their own point of view in all reality. Their is no one stance on the justification of negative biasness I think that we all have come acrossed it at some point. Can you remember a time when you have?

 I beleive that the recomendtions given in the readings of the book were very good. I think that after researching I get a bettr idea on the low rates of focus in the different ethnicitys of pubulished news and how there could one day be a rebound effect where we are the minority. I really thought about this becuase this is the time  when I will be looking for a job and maybe already emploeyed and I could very well be the minority. I think that news needs to have a more diverse pool overall to allow for more equality in published materials of news organizations.


Can you keep a secret?

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"Investigative reporting is to journalism what theoretical research is to science, having the potential to present new realities and shatter old paradigms - how people see and understand the world around them - which, in turn, can transform politics," say Robert Perry.

I agree with him I think that in America under the aspects of journalism that investigative reporting is important. Some times it takes a secret to crack the ice into something big.

As apart of an investigation, journalist  make use of the following that they use to make the accuracy of there investigation target there readers:


  • surveillance technology
  • anyalsis documents
  • investigation of technical issues, including scrutiny of equipment and its performance
  • research into social and legal issues
  • studying sources, archives, phon cards, address books, etc.
  • talking o people
  • getting people to talk
  • stategic planning
  • going undercover

All of these things playing some sort of role in the investigative direction of the news article that one would seek to publish. In researching I found all of these things helping in our news writing class a of course aspects we could all jump on as students for our articles in the making.

Also, while thinking about investigative stories a recent movie that I preveiwed on life time came to mind. The movie was a bout a women that had commited fraud and got away with it until the women decided to go after a investigative reporters best friend of whom was a guy. The investigative reporter had a secret crush on this guy therefore was not about to let a suspicious women make a fool of her and definately not allow the guy (best friend) get taking advantage of. Therefore the investigtive reporter in the movie began t crack down on te suspiciousness of the women, and found that she had commiteda fraud, and was getting away with murder of her victims by stealing money, and identitys by marrying her victims. The women died at the end by the end she had assualted a police officer and nearly killed the investigative reporter. This brought to edge in my mind the danger that going under cover in relation to crime reports and such obstacles could be brought about.

I know this story may seem irrelevant but life time movies are known to be true stories, and this one was. So it seemed to fit with our class topic.

Some furter research and the aspects of technique with investigative reporting after reading the breif summary online also got me thinking about books that people have written in regards to technique and the the study of investigative reporting, A book by David Sparks came about.

Spark's from my understanding in his book Investigative reporting: a study in technique; discusses the question what is investigatvie reporting and the fine lines of what you can do for accuracy in gathering information as an investigator. I recommend that anyone reference it in regards to learning more about news writing.

Some key points I got from the book were:

fighting readers battles on invetigative reports

what you might consider in an investgative report

qualities required

paths to a good investigation

how to get people to talk

insight to good development of techniques

All of these points I thought would be helpful in process of our own investigative reports.

I think overall the investigation of first time investigation can be tricky. While looking up the history of investigative reports and current news on investigation I found the link below. Is just some examples of the government and the ways that certain things can be investigated.

investigative reporting cartoons, investigative reporting cartoon, investigative reporting picture, investigative reporting pictures, investigative reporting image, investigative reporting images, investigative reporting illustration, investigative reporting illustrations


Storys wih some Ivestigation on going


Portfolio #3: My desire to transition

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Newswriting can seem like icing on cake to some, and like a total headache to others. You never know when you might require a nap or just a bottle of advil when thinking about what to write for a short new article that you must post. I have came to the conclusion that I have to be in my bubble while writing. It is like a flow of enthusiasm and a breeze of fresh air that comes to mind when you are writing an article that is coming to you so softly and requiring minimum thought.

I have yet to seek that icing on cake, or breeze of fresh air. My desire to transition though has been something I strive for throughout the semester. I try to look on the positive side and say it could be worse, and its just an article but I guess I just over look it. I see newswriting as a desire and open door to my future that I hope to acheive, but it is definatley a chanllenge that I am working at for sure. I am glad that I have taking this course. I feel that it has opened me to a new kind of writing, that I have never been introduced to so well. I use to write volleyball articles for my high school paper. In my oppionion that paper was not the best considering it was a conflict of interest that I even write the articles. Though in short staff circumstances you do what you got to do.

In the field of news writing I hope by the end of this semster to look back and realize that I have learned a great amount of AP style that will allow me to write further articles in the future that corrspond with what I have learned in the class. I think that my abilitys as a news writer are there if I work at it. Though I am not shy to say this class is one of the hardest I have experienced thus far in college, there for my desire to transition has become a major goal throughout the semester. Of course there is always improvement some where.

I feel that all of my other previous portfolios have shown a wide variety of excellence considering that this part of the semester there was not an overload ob blogging I feel as if maybe I slacked a bit, but not really considering I completed all the assignments.

Coverage and Timeliness: I completed all assigned blogs and posted them all on or before the time that they were due. This is one of the blogs that did not fit in any other category that I added here in this section.

October 13, 2009 - Call me Collective or Unpredictable

Depth: This is the blog in which I feel got the most attention, and that I put the most effort into. Overall, I take time on each blog, but some just come out longer than others.

Interaction: These are some of my classmates' blogs that got me thinking and resulted in me commenting on them. This was a hard section although I commented on multiple classmates blogs, I losted my flash drive where all my saved comments were on a word document. Except a select few. This is still an ongoing section I paln to retrieve all my post.  

  • Derek Tickle-

    Derek I think that you point out some good points, and relate them to good assumptions that you have. I relate with you because in previous experience I have ran into situations where I believe that reporters should react to the situation accordingly but it is hard to say sometimes. Attitudes I think play a big part in reporting because I for sure wouldn't want to talk to some stuck up person that is just trying to get into my life for the benefit of there job. I'd ignore. That's just me but in the end you have to relate what would you do in their shoes, I think I would have a hard time being a reporter, your questions really made me think what I would do if I were in there shoes perhaps.

  • JenniferPrex-      I really enjoyed your post. It really reflected and set up a sense of mind. The example you give of open mindedness, and the carrerr path is a strong point that I beleive should be focused on in the writing field. I mean I agree evryone makes mistakes but fixing them to show accuracy is a a path that should be lead and followed.
    I agree with Derek's comment as well with the fact that the news articles are typically like a paper in reference keeping oppinions to yourself. I tend to state my oppinion its a political thing I guess or whatever you want to call it. Though I believe Derek had a good point. The points you make are great.

  • AngelaPalumbo- Greta your right it could be quite difficult to get someone to let you publish there name. Though couldn't you say a member of blank organization, or something? Without stating there name I think Greta is right its just a descriptive part of source identifying, or maybe researching further surrounding people to interview that may take credit on a answer to your topic. Good post this is when news writing can get tricky even though we try to avoid.                                                                                          

  • Discussion- These are some of my blogs which sparked discussion.

October 20, 2009 - Unsparing- Documenting concerns / Where does it end?

October 25, 2009-  Brown-bag lunches include more than just any peant butter and jelly sandwich:)

Wildcard: I selected one wild card. 

October 25, 2009- Brown-bag lunches include more than just any peant butter and jelly sandwich:)

I picked this as a wildcard because of the description and time I put into the material nad thought before blogging. One of the few that I actually took time to discuss my point. I got some good feedback as well.

Reflections: These are blog entries I wrote before class for class participation.  They are based on my classmates' blog entries and soome personal experiences.  I expand on what I have learned from their blogs and what I now understand better thanks to them. An from what I ahve learned in class and applied to my blog post. 

October 21, 2009 - Reflection #10: What I did..How I fixed it.

October 25, 2009 - Reflection #11: Personal 

November 3, 2009 - Reflection #12: Connectedness to Trauma

Previous Portfolios:

El 227- Portfolio 2: Consider

EL 227- "Light..Camera..Action.." in my Blog History? 

I feel that my understandings of newswriting looking back on my blogging history have expanded my ideas are flowing more rapidly and I feel as if the articles to come could very well be more accomplished than in the past weeks!!!!! :)


Reflection #12: Connectedness to Trauma

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In reference to trauma on page (35) in the book do you think that September 11 is a prime example? The text states, "... three groups of people are most lively to be affected in the aftermath of a violent incident, the victims, the rescue workers, and the journalists." I think that this is legit, and true. It is interesting to me to look back and see where nd what the stories were that were being reported on that tragic day of September. I think reporting was a well thought out pln, but a task easier said than done. We have talked about it class what was shocking about footage, and reporters the da of the event, and how they were off on the timing of events, and traumitzed, as they put together peices of the story. This reading really made me relate and think of what I could one day be reporting.

The New Buzz Outside the News Hut... Listen Up!

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Newspapers are unfair: They pry on the weak

After reading the beginging of the pages I would have to say I disagree with the newspaper when they publish photograhy of drews who "catch" private citizens in moments of grief and shock. I personally wouldn't want to be published on such moments in dispair. I think that is is unfair totally. What do you think?

The public feeds off of what they want. In the readings it mentions how " The public feels strongly that children deserve special treatment from the press." I agree and disagree with this statement. I really feel that the readings has a good description on the pro's and con's for the reporters, and publics view points.

Newspapers are unfair when: They concentrate on bad news

Why isn't there "good:" or "positive" news in the paper?

Maybe because of unfair coverage. Maybe because of scandals. Who knows. The fact is that newspaper organizations try to do the part in publishing a unfair comment of newsworthiness "good" and "bad". I really liked the fact that newspapers simply do a better job of explaining to the public what theu do and why they do it." I think it posted the importance of newsworthiness and relatonship with the public.