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Portfolio #4: Time Well Spent

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It is hard to believe that we as a class have come this far. I feel like I have accomplished so much. I feel as if my classmates can say they have done the same. Perhaps I came into this course with my mind in a corner as to what the course would bring. I thought will I last in this class? Make it through? All past thoughts aside I feel that I have finished this course with a better knowledge of Newswriting the importance of News Writing and ow it will pertain to my future encounters. I mean to say the least I took alot of writing course this semester. An this course helped me in my communication courses as well as vice versa.

I am taking magazine writing next semester and I can not explain how excited I am. I plan to look into future career paths with writing and media relations, maybe campaign development if I look wide spread. I see magazine writing to be a big interest of mine. I think that the aaspects that I have learned in this course in regards to reporting and the such will help me further expand in my future courses. I feel like I have gained a better approach to news writing and reporting. The appraoch and perception you make on people before judgement within a article has taught me alot. I really enjoy all aspects of the course even though it frustrates me sometimes. I mean most of my frustration leads to the writing of articles. I never have had a issue gathering information it is just putting it all together to make it presentable and reader friendly that is difficult at times.

Consdidering this to be my last Portfolio for this course. I would like to say thanks to all that have given me feedback, posted comments on my blog, helped me become a better writer, and assisted in my understanding of what news writing is all about.

Coverage and Timeliness: I completed all assigned blogs and posted them all on or before the time that they were due.  I list here only the blogs which did not fall under another category.

Links Article #4

Law School Newspaper

Daily Scope at it's Best Perhaps

Pride for America

Depth: These are a few blogs that I put some extra thought into because they were really interesting to me, and I really jsut had alot to say.

Can you keep a secret?

To Investigate the Future

Advertising Highlight

What is fairness to you? 

Interaction: These are some of my classmates' blogs that got me thinking and which I therefore commented on.

Richelle Dodaro

Gretta Carrol









Discussion: These are some of my blogs which sparked discussion.
Life of New York in 1, 2, and 3

What a Waste


Wildcard: Perhaps I had many intersting indepth articles in this blogging month of November. though two spark my memory where it took me down memory lane and made me think and relate.

To Investigate the Future

Advertising Highlight

Reflections: These are blog entries I wrote to help with class discussion, and give feedback that I learned from my peers blogs, and the discussions we shared as we posted feedback.

Reflection # 13

Reflection #14

Reflection #15

Reflection #16

Reflection #17

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