Participation Portfolio 1

Introduction: This portfolio is filled with examples of work that I have completed and/or been a part of. It is a compilation of assignments that I have completed in and out of class that can be reflected upon.

Depth: My post from The Importance of Being Earnest Act 1 consisted of a post that contained an in depth analysis and quotation to reinforce the topic. I was able to go into detail about the feelings that were portrayed during this portion of the text. It showed how Algernon really was as a person and became a crucial part in analyzing the relationships of characters themselves. The quotation I used exemplified this and was used to demonstrate the knowledge that I had of the text.

The Importance of Being Earnest (Act 2)


Riskiness: An example of a post that shows riskiness would be my Catholic Social Teaching post. Catholic Social Teaching is not something that I am unfamiliar with. The reason why I found this assignment to be risky is because of the higher level thinking that I tried to use while completing the assignment. I was really putting in an effort to use my knowledge of CST to create a meaningful and understandable post.

Catholic Social Teaching


Intertextuality: The connection I chose for intertextuality was in a classroom discussion that I participated in with a small group. I was able to first complete this activity by passing different papers around the room for a person to add another connecting thought or quote to the existing one. This brought a very interesting debate on robots to our group. Connecting this to our recent blog post (RUR), my group was analyzing the ideas of these robots and their purposes. I really enjoyed this debate and hearing the different viewpoints of my peers.


Discussion: A post that provoked discussion was mine for Trifles. This post that I wrote talked about a portion of the text that described Mrs. Hale’s feelings about visiting and why she hadn’t done this in the past. My post allowed for other students to comment and explain how they did not pick this point out of their own analysis, but thought it was very important to bring up. It really adds to the emotions of the text itself upon analysis. I was glad to be able to provoke deeper thinking with my peers.

Trifles (Susan Glaspell)


Timeliness: Being that this is my last semester in college, I have really tried to meet the deadlines of all of my assignments in this course and others. I have struggled with hitting some of the deadlines for the blogs. At times I was confused about some of the assignments, but was able to figure this out and get it turned in for credit. A goal of mine is to keep up with my work rather than procrastinating until the last minute.


Coverage: A post that showed an example of coverage was my introduction into the class. This blog post was a simple post that covered a general portion of who I am to open up that portion of discussion. This way my peers are able to get to know me a little bit better.

Welcome to the Course Reading Blog


Conclusion: My portfolio shows that I was able to successfully keep-up with work and exemplify this through this assignment. I was able to come up with at least one example for each category and am hoping to add to each category on my next portfolio. Being that this is my first portfolio assignment, I am aware that I still do have a lot of room to improve upon. A course objective that was proven in this portfolio was to, “deeply and critically read culturally dramatic literacy texts.” I was able to meet and connect with this objective through the different examples that I provided for each category. I was also able to show this through each post and the critical thinking that was needed to use.

Source: Participation Portfolio 1

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