Portfolio 4

In Portfolio 4 I noticed this passage:

Portfolio 4


  • For my fourth and final blog portfolio for the EL 227 01 course for news writing, I feel I’ve been able to expand a lot, adding to the different categories. I feel I’ve expanded my discussion, and risky categories most because I’ve been more conscious to take risks and to add to discussions while blogging my last few posts. So, overall, I feel my most recent submissions for the risky, discussion, intertextuality, timeliness and coverage posts have grown, which I see as a good thing closing this semester.


  • For the Risky category, I believe my Newsroom Math post would be accurate for the description for this because I did it in a way I usually don’t, I expressed myself differently with my tone for the post, it has a different feeling to it. Another risky post I feel I’ve done would be my “What is Good Writing?” post because it’s a bit longer than my other ones and discusses different things within the post. Also, the post for “Math for Journalists” blog post demonstrates a questioning for math with journalism which I thought was pretty interesting and risky to do.


  • For the discussion tab, I was able to comment on a few of my peers, to make a comment that I felt was good for the conversation. On Emily’s “Newsroom Math” post, I added to her post, wanting to join discussion. I feel discussion is a very big part of blogging, so for my personal posts, I always tried to engage the audience with a question at the end to ask for their opinion, like with my Sorry, Wrong Number post. Another post I feel adds to discussion would be the time I replied to Megan’s “Drawing the Reader in” post.


  • For the Intertextuality category, my “Newsroom Math” post qualifies because I talk about ideas reviewed in high school and it’s importance with journalism. My post for “A ‘Fake News’ Story that Wasn’t goes well with intertextuality because it’s related directly to a news story and I speak on what happens, making direct links to things we’ve learned about in class for the story. The Pearls Before Breakfast post is good too I believe because I focus on reading and journalism styles which is a good post in my opinion.


  • For my timeliness posts, I feel the post for A “Fake News” Story That Wasn’t suffices because it wasn’t late at all, twenty or so minutes before it was actually due, but in my way of turning assignments in, I’d consider it to be. My “What is Good Writing” post I think also ties into timeliness because it wasn’t turned in at the time I would’ve hoped, that doesn’t mean it was late, but I wasn’t satisfied with the time I turned it in at. My Newsroom Math post was turned in early, which I enjoyed, I felt it was good to include with this because it was timely in the fashion I turned it in, not too late, not too early.


  • For the coverage portion of this portfolio, my A “Fake News” Story That Wasn’t applies because I feel I was simply answering the question, I didn’t really go into too much detail on what the situation was and I feel it was subpar. My “Sorry Wrong Number” post I feel applies here because I feel it’s just random thoughts about the activity from that day, it doesn’t seem to have any true plot, at least in my opinion. The “Math for Journalists” post I feel was really short and I feel I sort of hid my ideas within the quotes used.


  • Concluding this fourth portfolio, I feel I’ve learned a lot through the EL 227 01 course which has been helpful in my coverage, timeliness, intertextuality, discussion and risky blog posts. I hope to end this semester course out well and I hope you’ve enjoyed following my journey to get better in categorizing my blog posts for news writing. Considering my work for the previous portfolios, I’m happy with the work I submitted, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

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