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I am actually really excited to start work on this article. I think it’s important to remember that people have so many dimensions. That’s why, with my profile on Maria V. Snyder, I want to get to know her, not just as a best-selling author, but also a person, a mother, someone who has a lot of interests, who can offer more than just her captivating plot lines.

So far, I have an interview set up with Dr. Peeler, one of Maria V. Snyder’s colleagues in the MFA program. I plan to ask her questions about Snyder in addition to the book club program that will take place Tuesday, Nov. 10. Hopefully she can also give me contacts for more people to give me more information on who Snyder is as a person/teacher/writer. I have some questions prepared but I hope to get more information than just what I need.

On Nov. 10, I plan to observe the book club, listening to student thoughts on Snyder and her writing. Also, but attending the event, I will be able to find more contacts for interviews, talking about Snyder from someone (a student) who doesn’t personally know her.

I also have contacted Snyder herself, and she has allowed me to interview her after meet-and-greet event on Nov. 19. I have also prepared questions for her, but I want the interview to be as relaxed and fluid as possible, so they are there in case a topic change is in order.

I tried to make all my important questions some that she wouldn’t normally be asked by an interviewer. To do this, I’ve researched other interviews that Snyder has done with other fans and reporters. I’ve also explored her blog and website so I don’t have too many over-used questions.

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  1. Your dates and references are really specific, and this shows how dedicated you are to your topic. I definitely look forward to hearing what your article is about.

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