Participation Portfolio 1



The purpose of this portfolio is to demonstrate how I have been an active participant in the course. It is also representative of how I have tried hard to adapt to the way that discussions are conducted through our blog posts. I have no issue with using the blogs, it was just a bit foreign to me at first. I enjoy trying new things and being forced out of my comfort zone, and this class allows me to accomplish both.



As far as depth goes, I feel that I try to look beyond the text and come up with something that few others would think of. I try to make connections not only to the text, but also to my own personal experiences. In my blog post on Foster’s intro and chapter 1 I connect the text to aspects from my own personal experiences. I reference conversations with my younger cousins and how their tendencies while telling a story support the claims made by Foster. Though I made connections to my personal life to serve as evidence that I can apply my knowledge, I also make sure to apply it to one of the scripts that we’ve analyzed. I take a look into “Trifles” and use it as an example of what well developed storytelling looks like, a complete 180-turn from the childhood storytelling mentioned prior. 

Another instance where I demonstrated depth was in my blog post on act II of “The Importance of Being Earnest”. In this post, I contemplate the possibilities of what may happen when Algernon is found out. I also think deeper about the significance behind the phrase “living entirely for pleasure” in relation to the script specifically.



My blog posts could probably use a bit more riskiness. I suppose I’m still getting used to expressing my thoughts on literature. I believe that as the semester moves forward, I will be more comfortable with expressing some of my more controversial opinions in the class. Though my riskiness thus far may be somewhat lacking, this doesn’t mean that I haven’t produced some compelling ideas in my posts. I’d say that the closest i’ve come so far to being “risky” is in my post on Foster’s Ch 5-7. In this post, I use what I’ve learned from foster to make claims that the extermination of mankind in RUR has biblical undertones and that humans brought about the apocalypse by “playing god”.



I often like to build upon the thoughts of others in some hopes that I can notice some detail that they may have overlooked or not noticed. I also like to draw from sources from outside of class to help me understand themes in a clearer way. An instance of this occurs when I was previewing Rossum’s Universal Robots. In my blog post on the context of RUR, I use my experience with the genre of science fiction to draw some parallels between RUR and some more modern works. I’ve never really been largely into reading books, but I am very familiar with a wide range of cinema. It is exciting when I can draw comparisons and debate about whether a certain film had taken inspiration from a script that we’ve analyzed in class.



I feel that I have actively participated in compelling conversation during our group discussions. I sparked discussion in my group while we were going over “The Proposal”. I brought up Ivan’s heart problems the way that Stepan and Natalya had very little regard for the fact that he could be dying right in front of them. This made us wonder if they even had any knowledge of how serious these symptoms really were. He could’ve been having a heart attack for all they knew, and by the the time they would have realized it, he would’ve already been dead. I enjoying hearing the opinions of my classmates. The matter of whether or not I agree with such opinions is somewhat irrelevant when it comes right down to it. I like to look at situations from multiple perspectives, as this often leads me to develop better opinions that are well thought out. Never has a narrow-minded point of view been beneficial when it comes to critical thinking.



I will admit that I have not been completely punctual about my blog posting. Blogging is a completely new experience for me and it took me some time to become familiar with it all. I’m generally accustomed to looking on canvas for my assignments. As a result of this, I have completed every canvas assignment on time. I hope that I will progressively improve my blogging skills and start posting in a more timely manner. Here are some of the posts that I was able to complete in a timely manner. 

Welcome to the Course Reading Blog

Catholic Social Teaching

Trifles (Susan Glaspell)

Foster (Intro Ch1)

The Proposal (Chekhov)



I have completed every blog assignment thus far in the class. I may have had to play “catch up” quite a bit but I’ve always worked well during crunch time. I made sure that every prompt on the blog was answered. Here are the posts/links for each and every blog discussion.

Welcome to the Course Reading Blog

Catholic Social Teaching

Trifles (Susan Glaspell)

Foster (Intro Ch1)

The Proposal (Chekhov)

Foster (Ch 2, 3)

The Importance of Being Earnest (Act 1)

The Importance of Being Earnest (Act 2)

The Importance of Being Earnest (Act 3)

Context for Rossum’s Universal Robots

Foster (Ch 5-7)

RUR (Act 1, 2)

RUR (Act 3, Epilogue)

Foster (8-10)



Obviously I still have much room for improvement, but I see this portfolio as documentation of my growth so far in the class. As the semester progresses, I will be able to look back on this and see how far I’ve come. I look forward to honing my ability to analyze literature and dig deeper into the text. I understand that I have a long way to go, but I’m ready to tackle my weaknesses and make them into my strengths.

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