DAY 11: Travel Day

Day 11: Travel DAY
• The walk from the hotel was to the tram sucked. Wheeling a fifty-pound suitcase up step of a bridge in the rain. Everyone seemed excited to be going home, yet sad to be leaving. The bus arrived everyone stretched out across the seat and relaxed. We arrived at the Venice airport and boarded our flight. Which took off on time. ☺

IMG_0798 IMG_0797 IMG_0800 IMG_0799
• We arrived at JFK and made it through customs and met our next flight to Pittsburgh on time. Flying into Pittsburgh we flew over the point and I knew I was home.


Italy was an experience that I am sure to never forget. I met some great people and saw some of the most beautiful works of art. I want to thank the people that made me laugh through the interesting times of the trip and thank Mo for an experience of a life time.

Me and Mo at pino's Siena Lion's Fountain

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