Participation Portfolio 1


This is my very first Participation Portfolio for Topics in World Literature! This collection will include my reflections on different topics throughout my first few weeks in this class. The topics are depth, riskiness, intertextuality, discussion, timeliness and coverage. 


Reading in-depth to unfamiliar passages to me with characters who are unfamiliar is a bit difficult for me. With the help of Foster’s book, “How to Read Literature Like a Professor,” and conversation with my peers I have been able to work on and improve these skills. The literary close reading exercise showed that I could see deeper than the surface of the play. I wrote about the idea of imperfect marriage and related it to real life. Marriage was an important aspect of the play that most people would pick up on, but the ideals that come with marriage as I explain in my essay might go over some reader’s heads.


The play that took me the most out of my comfort zone was RUR. I am not used to such scientific based genres, so it was new territory for me. Through the Context for RUR blog post, I was able to pinpoint an area of foreshadowing in the play. There was some discussion in the script about how the robots were becoming a bad thing in the sense that they were doing all of our work and humans were going to become lazy. In today’s world, humans are now seen as lazy because of the technology we use to do our work for us! This was a bold statement to make that might have turned some heads, but I felt that it was important to draw from the play so that I was able to fulfil what is being asked by Dr. Jerz.

Another feeling of riskiness that I have made in this class so far was in conversation relating the play, RUR to a recent clip from Star Trek that I saw. The idea of the inhumane robots were similar in both scripts, as the characters tried to dive deeper into the robots to see what their insides were like and how close to the human make-up they were.


I really enjoyed the assignment that had us write, with pen and paper, thoughts that bounced off of one another. This was a quick, fun and efficient way to get a train of thought going and see new ideas that you might not have come up with before. This fulfilled the discussion aspect of the learning objectives in the syllabus. 

In my paper we discussed many topics including the connection to biblical stories. We were able to tie in the ideas from the play to ideas from Foster’s book, including selfishness from chapter 2.


When our small groups were discussing The Proposal, I contributed in a sustainable conversation that regarded the relationship of the main characters. We talked about if the marriage they were being set up for was for their own desire or if it were strictly for business. We decided that it seemed more for business based off of their business-like conversation and the large profits they would be gaining as a married couple.


This blogging system is very new to me. Canvas took me a long time to understand how to use, and I am a senior now so that says a lot! After realizing that there are many more assignments than I originally thought, I know I need to keep up with the workload better. The assignments make sense to me but I have not kept up with turning them in at the preferred time. The due dates on canvas are easy to follow, it is the blog that I am having issues with. I know though, that I will be able to get better at it as time goes on.


After reading through the assigned plays including Trifles, The Proposal, The Importance of Being Earnest, RUR, and the readings from Foster’s book, I feel more prepared to do better in this course. I have contributed thoughtful work to each blog post, but plan to get deeper in the future.


I feel confident in my completion of the use of discussion, drafting, peer critiquing and revision to organize and develop reactions to the texts. I have been able to make conclusions based off of what I read, and use quotes as backup for my claims. What I want to work on is demonstrating familiarity with cultural forces that shape the play scripts I am reading. To me, that means I might benefit from researching more about the plays before/during/after I read them. I feel that I will reach my goals and the syllabus goals by doing what is asked of me in this course and keeping up with the material.

Source: Participation Portfolio 1

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