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January 31, 2011

Welcome to WordPress

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Seton Hill’s blogosphere (first created in 2003) is now powered by WordPress.

Any member of the Seton Hill community can register for a free weblog. All you need is a email address.

  • Minneapolis protest cleanup: Did you share this meme without fact-checking it? (Don’t spread fake news about the news.)
  • #PPTPlaytime adaptation of The Merchant of Venice.
  • Merchant of Venice Part 2 live, now! #PPTPlaytime
  • 87,000 Missing Deaths: Tracking the True Toll of the Coronavirus Outbreak
  • Very interesting adaptation of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. #pptlaytime @thepublicpgh
  • Write instructions for busy grouches.
  • In a literature class, the author’s words matter more than the author’s life and times, or our own feelings and values.
  • Trump, Obama seem equally disinterested in portrait unveiling — but journalism takes hits from both sides
  • Déjà Q (#StarTrek #TNG Rewatch, Season Three, Episode 13) Amusing, insightful study of human nature
  • I just found an abandoned blog draft, dated 2011, on economics in early computer games. Published!
  • Faculty and students celebrate the life of Jeffrey Bartel
  • February 2020 Cover Photo
  • February 2020 Comic
  • Faculty and students commemorate the life of Maclean Maund
  • Upcoming plays and shows coming to Seton Hill

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