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January 31, 2011

Welcome to WordPress

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Seton Hill’s blogosphere (first created in 2003) is now powered by WordPress.

Any member of the Seton Hill community can register for a free weblog. All you need is a email address.

  • Academics work to detect ChatGPT and other AI writing
  • Historians Admit To Inventing Ancient Greeks
  • Brought my in-progress #blender3d project into the #unity3d gaming engine. Plenty of frustrating moments but I’m circling back to skills I’ve practiced with before. And sometimes #itjustworks! (The bot is from the Unity template.)
  • Has Academia Ruined Literary Criticism?
  • A news site used AI to write articles. It was a journalistic disaster.
  • ‘Nope,’ He Says, Body Isn’t His
  • People Thought an AI Was Brilliantly Analyzing Their Personalities, But It Was Actually Giving Out Feedback Randomly
  • Media Bias Chart (liberal, moderate, conservative; news, analysis, slanted but responsible commentary, and partisan nonsense) Ad Fontes Media
  • The stair railings on my #blender3d #neovictorian #steampunk cruiser need some realigning. Some engineer will doubtless face a brutal disciplinary snubbing at the Officers' Club. #design #aesthetics
  • From this station on the bridge, the exposition officer can relay whatever random bit of information the plot requires, thanks to the multiple brass readouts on the curved wood consoles. #blender3dart #blender3d #steampunk #neovictorian
  • Hear Our Voice: Deaf Power in the Workplace
  • The Needle Drops Again
  • Q&A with the Dining Hall’s New General Manager
  • SHU Prepares to Celebrate 140th Christmas on the Hill
  • Christmas Day Cheer

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