The Rivals (Brief Context

Based on the provided context, I think that I will like this play, because I liked “The Marriage Proposal” and The Importance of Being Earnest as well. The preface and two prologues are all astoundingly different, and I have never encountered a work of literature with three prologues before. In the preface, I noticed this passage: “A preface to a play seems generally to be considered as a kind of closet-prologue, in which—if his piece has been successful—the author solicits that indulgence from the reader which he had before experienced from the audience: but as the scope and immediate object of a play is to please a mixed assembly in representation (whose judgment in the theatre at least is decisive,) its degree of reputation is usually as determined as public, before it can be prepared for the cooler tribunal of the study.” I chose this passage because I find it interesting that Richard Brinsley Sheridan chose to open the play in this manner. If I was called on in class, I would explain that Sheridan immediately explains the function of his prologue, which is something that very few authors do.

Source: The Rivals (Brief Context

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