York Crucifixion

In York Crucifixion I noticed this passage: “I hope that mark amiss be bored. 2ND SOLDIER. Then must he bide in bitter bale. 3RD SOLDIER. In faith, it was over-scantly scored. That makes it foully for to fail. 1ST SOLDIER. Why carpye so? Faston a cord complain/fasten And tug him to,by top and tail. 3RD SOLDIER. Yea, thou commands lightlyas a lord: readily Come help to haul, with ill hail. 1ST SOLDIER. Now certesthat shall I do certainly Full snelly as a snail. 3RD SOLDIER. And I shall tach him to attach nimbly with a nail.”

This passage interests me because I think that it is in some way a comic relief to the play. I may be interpreting this completely wrong, but it seems like the soldiers are bickering about how they are completing the crucifixion. This is something that is unheard of in religious contexts, and may have caused some uproar with religious people. Overall, I found this piece to be very intriguing because it forced me to see the crucifixion in a different way than I have ever before. I am interested to learn about the reactions of some people at the time this was written.

Source: York Crucifixion

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