Elements of Journalism Chapter 6

Chapter 6 of The Elements of Journalism by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosensteel dove into another job that journalists take care of: Monitor Power and Offer Voice to the Voiceless. The first portion of the chapter described the history of journalism being a monitor to power. This was interesting to me because I love history, and I had learned about many of these things before. However, I had never realized how big of a role journalism played in these events, and I now view them from a different perspective. Many of them may not have even been known to the world if journalism did not exist, which is something that I think many people fail to appreciate, including myself prior to reading this chapter. The second portion of the chapter dissected investigative reporting, and the ways in which its role has evolved over time. Before reading this chapter, I thought that this type of reporting had always served the same purpose, but this chapter proved that notion to be incorrect. The role has shifted from “watchdog” to “prosecutor,” which are interesting ways of describing investigative reporting. After reading the chapter though, it makes perfect sense. Overall, I enjoyed learning about the past and present of investigative reporting, as it continues to evolve.

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