The Importance of College Newspapers

An article from The Washington Post titled “College newspaper reporters are the journalism heroes for the pandemic era” taught me about the importance of college newspapers during the present moment, namely the global pandemic. This is especially true for larger universities that have had cases skyrocket since reopening. The best way to get insight about what is going on at a university is to read the publication from the university’s own students, who have no problem exposing what they think the school is doing right and wrong. The example of the college newspaper in Florida was surprising to me because it is hard to fathom a college newspaper becoming larger than the community newspaper. In our area, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review have such strong coverage, and are widely recognized throughout the area. Thus, our college newspapers do not need to take up the additional duty of covering the community, like the Alligator at the University of Florida. However, it is still true that our college newspapers give the best insight to how our colleges are handling the pandemic, and it is certainly noble of the other college newspapers to step up and offer the service to their communities that their local newspapers fail to do.

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