News C.R.A.F.T. Response

I just viewed a YouTube video titled “NewsCRAFT: Clear, Relevant, Accurate, Fair, Timely” in which the basics of news writing are explained. This video was helpful for me because it reinforced all of the principles that I have learned about journalism this semester. The section about phrasing was a great reminder that I needed because I have been experiencing difficulty with writing concise and eye-catching headlines. I need to pay more attention to how I can condense long phrases with weak verbs into single, strong verbs. It was also interesting to learn about some of the history of journalism. Overall, this video was a great recap of what I just read inĀ Elements of Journalism by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel.

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Hi Brian!

The NewsCRAFT video you included was really helpful, as you said, and as for your post, you provided both summary and specific details that jumped out to you, which was refreshing to read through. You tied it back to Elements of Journalism too, and you got me to realize that there is a lot of intertextuality between them! As for headlines, I think to use literature-focused English major language to describe it, the way I taught it to myself was active voice vs. passive voice; I hope that helps!

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