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I just read an article from Tribune-Review titled “Greensburg man accused of squatting in basement of Seton Hill building.” This was a particularly interesting read as it was about my own school. I had actually read the article before this assignment, and its journalistic qualities did not go unnoticed. As with the other current event stories, I continue to notice what I am being taught in class in real journalism. It was also interesting to read an article about Seton Hill from a source other than a classmate orĀ The Setonian.

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Brian, I had read this article the day it came out and did not know whether to laugh or to be worried for my safety. I know that anyone can really walk onto campus, but I hope there are some standards as to who can be allowed into the buildings.

Hey Brian!
I also found this article to be a particularly interesting read. I had actually not read or heard about this situation prior to reading the article though, so having read this for the first time I was, like Alyssa, not sure whether to laugh or be worried! This is definitely something I would have thought to find in the Setonian, so I agree that it was cool to read it from a different source other than a classmate.

I also thought it was really interesting to read something about our school that didn’t come directly from this class. However, I have to admit that it was a bit alarming. It is scary to know that there is criminal activity not too far from where so many Seton Hill students live.

Like you said, the journalistic qualities of this article are very evident. I especially noticed how specific they were with the details of what they found that led them to find the man.

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